Why is botoxcosmeticday com So Popular?

Do you love winter shopping? For those who like to spend money on clothes, shopping could be a great way to relax. Fashion is very important in the United States.

Paceling has the perfect footwear and clothing for winter. Before you buy, let’s discuss Is Botoxcosmeticday.com Legal. This article will inform you if you should purchase from the website.

Find out the legitimacy

  • The domain used for Paceling’s store was registered just recently on 02/09/2022. Paceling has a very short domain life expectancy.
  • It has a trust index of 1% that could be cause to concern.
  • The domain they are using does not include the owner’s details
  • Domain rank: 6196464
  • Website has no plagiarism
  • This website is new and has not received any botoxcosmeticday.com reviews.
  • The official portal doesn’t contain social media links.

Pacing is both a footwear and clothing shop. According to the website, it sells a wide range clothing including winter wear. You can also buy 100% handmade bags. A 15%-35% discount is currently offered when you buy between 4-10 items.

While you browse the store, you will see a notification at bottom of screen. It indicates who has purchased from the site. You can also view the number of people who viewed the store by clicking their product names.

What is botoxcosmeticday.com scam? or Legit?

  • URL– botoxcosmeticday.com
  • Name of the company: Fadel Beauty Limited
  • Email Address – botoxcosmeticday@iteeuy.com
  • Shipping Policy – Delivery can take between 7-10 Business Days
  • Refund Policy: A 30 Day Return Policy is available
  • Products can be returned within 45 days after purchase.
  • Payment Mode- Paceling allows you to pay pix, Brazilian credit card and BANK slips. Also accepted are virtual debit and credit cards
  • The address of this company is listed
  • All policies are available for download
  • The store does not have any social networking accounts
  • It doesn’t have the contact number or other details of its owner

Botoxcosmeticday.com Reviews

There are no reviews on the website and there are no links to social networks. This makes Paceling store more suspect.

This website has a trust score of 1%. This could cause poor shopping experiences.

The final verdict

We could not find Paceling shop to be legitimate so encourages our readers to use real shopping websites .

Do you feel this article is it a scam?

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