Who Is The 8 Billionth Baby Born (Nov2022) Who Are The 8 Billionth Persons?

The world’s population is growing at an alarming rate. The world population has reached 8 billion. You heard it correctly. The world now has 8 billion members. 15 The 8 billionth member of this large family joined the web.

To mark this momentous occasion, the United Nations set up a countdown via their official website. According to the countdown, humanity would reach 8 billion people on Tuesday. It has finally happened.

The reports show that it took 12 years for another billion people to reach the world. Tuesday 15th November is the date when the 8 billionth person lands on the planet Earth.

People around the world are now curious about the 8 billionth baby to be born on this planet. Here are the details for the 8 billionth person to be born on Earth.

Who Are The 8 Billionth Persons?

Manila Bulletin reports that a baby girl who was born in Manila, Tondo, is the “symbolic eighth billionth baby”. The baby was born in the Philippines.

Named Venice Mabansag, the baby was born at Dr. Jose Fabella Memorial hospital in Manila early Tuesday. According to the hospital staff, Venice Mabansag was the 8 billionth child and she was born on Tuesday at 1:29 AM, 15 November 2022.

Manila Bulletin, the largest English-language broadsheet newspaper in the Philippines, has confirmed this news. The Philippines’ largest broadsheet newspaper was established in 1900. It is the country’s second-oldest newspaper and the Far East’s second-oldest English newspaper.

The news was also shared by several social media platforms. The Philippine Star tweeted, “Let’s all welcome Baby Vinice the newborn symbolizing 8 billion people in the world.”

The news is a big deal and people around the world are eager to learn more about this symbol baby. But, there is still no information available about the baby.

8 Billionth Baby Details

The world population grew by one billion people over twelve years. According to BBC reports, the 7 Billionth person was conceived in 2011. Sadia Sultana Oishee is the baby girl who was born in 2011. Sadia Sultana lives now with her family in Bangladesh, outside Dhaka.

She is considered her family’s ‘lucky charm’. In 2011, she was born at midnight by C-section. She was the 7billionth human to be born on the planet and was immediately surrounded by media officials.

According to reports, Bangladesh’s population has grown by 17 million people since Sadia was born.

Adnan Nevic from Bosnia is the 6 billionth human to be born. His birth occurred just after midnight on October 12, 1999. He lives outside Sarajevo with his mother Fatime.

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