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Who is Sean Hannity Dating (Today Update) – the people on June 3rd?

The secret girlfriend of Sean Hannity is Earhardt, but they deny that they are actually dating. However, a source close to them said that it’s been an open secret.

A source close to People has revealed that Fox News hosts Sean Hannity & Ainsley Earhardt secretly dated for many years.

Earhardt, a Fox & Friends host, stated that he is focusing on raising his daughter right now and that he has no plans to date anyone. “Sean is a wonderful person, and anyone he chooses will be very fortunate,” Fox News spokesperson Earhardt said.

Hannity made his own statement via a spokesperson and stated: “I don’t discuss my private life in public.”

According to a source, the pair have been “seeing each other secretly for many years.”

Source says that he is very private due to his fame and controversial status. However, it has been a secret that they have been seeing one another.”

Source also states that –

Source says they are together “all the time” but “in private… for many years,” and not “just months”.

According to the source, Hannity and Ainsley have been together for some time and act flirty during off-hours. They also get cozy at the back of a New York City Bar, which is close to Fox News Studios.

“And he’s whisked them off on his helicopter for a vacation many, many times.”

Sean and Jill Rhodes, his ex-wife, disclosed last week that they had secretly divorced more than a year ago. They had been separated for many years. They were married for over 20 years.

The Duo shared a joint statement to the people on June 3rd.

Jill and Sean are committed to working together in the best interest of their children. Jill and Sean reached amicable agreements over four years ago. They have a close relationship with their children and maintain a close bond as parents.

The statement concluded that “Neither will make any further comments” and asked for privacy to protect their children’s privacy.

Jill, a journalist and Hannity have a son Sean Patrick together and a daughter Merri Kelly. Their son is 21 and their daughter is 18.

Ainsley, 43 years old, has filed for divorce from Will Procter. They were divorced in 2018. They were married in 2012 and have a daughter, Hayden, who is 4 years old.

Interview with PEOPLE, October 2019. In an October 2019 interview with PEOPLE, she said that she was thankful her divorce “is over.” She said that she and Proctor were amicable, and they are focusing on raising their daughter together.


“We are focusing on moving forward and raising our daughter. We wish each other the best and will continue to be friends because we share this beautiful, precious daughter. Earhardt said that Hayden is our number one priority after she was miscarried three months earlier. She is my light and joy.”

She said that she and her ex husband are “co-parenting and doing this beautifully.” Hayden loves her mommy, loves her daddy and is a joy to be around. We both love Hayden.”

PEOPLE also heard from the TV host about the difficulties of being single mother. She also shared her thoughts about marriage and the possibility of having more children with a partner.

“I would love for Hayden to find love again, and I want to be able to show Hayden a loving relationship.” She said that she wasn’t sure when it would be. “I am certain that God will place the right man in mine life, if that’s His will.” He’ll do it in his own time.”

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