When Is Pokemon Scarlet And Violet Coming Out (Nov2022) When Are Pokemon

Right around the corner is the release date for Pokemon Scarlett and Violet. This means that you can preload any edition before the game launches. The saddest thing is that the Pokemon Scarlett and Violet leaked online. According to the leaks, pokedex has claimed that the game contains 76 creatures.

However, players are excited to return to the world poke balls. Many players around the globe are eager to begin their adventure. Are you looking forward to the next adventure? You should be!

Let’s get back to the purpose of this blog. Let’s find out when Pokemon Scarlett and Violet will be released.

When Are Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Coming?

According to official sources, Pokemon Scarlett and Violet will be released on November 17 , 18, and 18. The schedule has also been revealed. They also revealed the exact time that Pokemon Scarlett and Violet will be released.

Like all other Nintendo exclusives this is also a midnight local launch. Unfortunately, the game won’t be compatible with HOME until spring 2023. This is a frustrating problem for many players. The launching will be in just a few hours, but it is not compatible with HOME.

There is much more to the game than this one annoying aspect. You’ll be able to play with your friends in Team Raid battles, and also have the ability to transfer pocket monsters.

Fans can also catch 23 new gen9 creatures. Official Twitter account of Nintendo UK announced the arrival of Scarlett and Violet.

Players can now preload and download Pokemon Scarlett and Violet from Nintendo’s eShop. Each edition will set you back PS49.99. They can also be ordered from Amazon. As a bonus, preorder the editions on Amazon and you’ll receive 10x Luxury Balls as well as Soothe Bell.

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