What Is Google Reverse Image Search? The things you should be aware of!

reverse image searches could prove beneficial. What do you think if Google Lens could be used to gather more details on an image? All of this and more are possible with Google in an Android smartphone. All you have to do is turn on the experimental flag and then enable the ability to search.

Google Lens: The Power of Google Lens

Google Lens does more than simply provide a reverse image search tool. If you press the screen for a long time and press search Google to search for this image. It will review the content of the image and determine the images. You can also look up the area that you are interested in.

The Chrome browser for Android recently added this feature, and it can be used to conduct powerful search results for images. It’s easy to activate this new feature.

Begin with first opening Google Chrome on Android. In the address bar, type the address chrome://flags within the address bar. Find the following in the webpage that opens:


Then, you can change this option back to Enabled in the menu dropdown.

After you’ve activated the flag, tap on the Relaunchbutton towards the end of the screen. To enable the feature Chrome needs to be restarted.

If you press long-tapping onto an image you’ll be able to search with Google Lens.

What’s Different?

For an example for a reference, we’ll use the following image. Google Lens analyzes the image after you’ve searched with this method. The lens has identified 2 objects in the image: glasses and clothes. To find the item, click on the appropriate area of the image. It will show similar results from sunglasses in this case.

You can use the magnifying glass on the left to get access to more options. The text can be translated, or copy the text. You may also look up products or food items within the image.

This is an excellent method to make use of Google Lens. This is a great tool to have fun and entertainment and also to research subjects on the go.

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