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What Happened to Athena Strand (Dec2022) What happened to Athena Strand?

This shocking story about a missing girl has shocked the world. This is the United States trending news. The girl, aged seven years old, had been missing for 48 hours. People are concerned about the safety of girls and want to find out why.

Let’s take a look at this latest trending news. Continue reading.

What happened to Athena Strand?

Tanner Lynn Horner, FedEx driver, kidnapped Athena Strand, seven-year-old girl. When he was delivering a parcel, the driver kidnapped a girl outside her home. She was later murdered and kidnapped by the driver.

He is now facing capital murder and kidnapping charges. Even though he did not know Athena or her family, he said that it was a crime of opportunity.

Athena Strand Causes of Death HTML3_ –

The cause of her death is not clear. Authorities believe she may have died at the hands of the suspect. She was not struck by the FedEx truck, according to the officer.

The medical examiner will give a time frame if an autopsy is not done. After being missing for approximately 48 hours, her body was found in the Trinity Riverside.

Athena Strand Obituary –

We didn’t find any information about her funeral. Her family also did not provide any details.

Redditt the news is also trending, with a title that police discovered the body of a missing 7-year-old girl from Wise County.

FedEx employee Horner accepted the crime of kidnapping Athena and murder. Horner was charged with capital murder as well as kidnapping a minor. He was sent to Wise County Jail. He was sentenced to $ 1.5 million.

FedEx released a statement via Twitter following the case and stated that they will fully support the investigation team. They offer their condolences to the Parents, and pray God grants them the strength to confront the grief of losing their daughter.

A Quick Wiki

Full Name Athena Strand
Date of birth Unknown
Birthplace Unknown
Nationality American
Name of the mother Maitlyn Gandy
Father name Unknown
Ethnicity African Descent
Zodiac Sign Pisces
High School/School Wise county
Education Qualification Not known

Who is the Killer Of Athena Strand.

Athena’s killer was Horner, a FedEx truck driver. Horner kidnapped and killed her. According to records, he is from Fort Worth. This is about 30 km from the south where the girl’s body was found.

Horner was the only suspect. Authorities searched Horner’s home. They have not revealed what they found. People are interested in the Grandfatherof Athena Strand. However, we have not been able to find any information about the grandparents of the girl.

Her mother was shocked at her daughter’s death and asked that everyone pray privately. Her mother stated that she wanted her to be remembered as a kind, bright, and loving person.

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