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Whalegot Reviews Scam (Today Update) – Top Sellers on Amazon?, a newly launched retail store, focuses primarily on women’s jeans and power tools. Due to the alleged frauds and suspicious activities, this site is causing all the attention in consumer circles.

It’s the time of year when holiday spirit is everywhere and everyone goes crazy for all the sales and shopping. Many people wait all year for the best deals when they are able to purchase their most desired items, whether it’s clothing, tools or makeup.

These sites take advantage of holiday season to lure people to their fraud sites by promising “too good for it to be true” prices for things that are much more valuable.

Today we will review and expose ( link). We also examine the entire process, based on the fact that the site has been marked as a fraud/scam site by numerous people and sites.

Top Sellers on Amazon

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What’s’s fraud schemes have been the subject of a lot of noise from customers. You will be surprised at the great deals on the website and may even be tempted to purchase from it. BUT DO NOT MAKE THIS MISTAKE!

The site offers everything in the $50-$70 range. It is very strange to think that every item on the site has the same price. You know what? That’s not how economics work.

Anyone with common sense and a little bit of commonsense will know that a toolkit worth thousands of dollars cannot be sold for 50 dollars. These fraudulent websites are a trap. There are many instances in the past where websites have taken customers’ hard-earned cash and sent counterfeit products to them.

These types of websites keep popping up every now and again. These sites are based on a system. The owners can simply change the website’s name to enter the market if the site is banned or has a poor ranking. also belongs to this group. If you do your research and dig a bit, you’ll find out that it is connected to other scam sites like Fastbu, and Hemlinics. These sites offer too low prices and make customers fools of themselves. scam.

I recommend that you trust your gut instincts and be safe rather than sorry, even before I present all the evidence and reveal the truth about

Let’s now get to the bottom of our review.

Site created from scratch It is not necessary that scammers are running all new sites, but I find old websites to be more trustworthy than new ones. We discovered that whalegot was a brand new website that was launched in November. This is one of the most alarming signs you can see, guys. NO RESPONSIVE TELEPHONE – Any trustworthy online shop will have a phone number. Surprise surprise, whalegot’s phone number does not respond at all. It is listed in Indiana as the number of a 60-year old lady. It keeps ringing but no one answers.

No Valid Address The address provided is 3347 Sugarfoot Lane Lafayette, Indiana . We found out that the address was invalid and that 6 other sites are registered at the same address. This proves that is not affiliated or belongs to a network of fraud sites. About us, Page copied from other websites – Another proof is that the two crucial pages of whalegot’s website were copied from another fraudulent website, such as And . The mission statement and about us Page are both copies of the sites mentioned above. Both sites also sell discounted power tools online. Is it coincidence?

Ownership not disclosed A trustworthy, genuine website will always have an identifiable owner identity. His vision will also be displayed on the site. Whalegot does not have an owner identity, but it works anonymously. It is impossible to know the identity of the person you are dealing. It all looks suspicious and almost screams fraud. Refund and exchange policy: The page on refunds and exchange policies is incomplete and looks more like an amateur’s work.

What’s the consensus?

We have heard from many people complaining about not receiving their order, or worse yet, that their cards were charged twice as much or three times. These sites can use your credit card information to make fraudulent transactions. This is why it is so important that you research any purchase online.

One customer of a whalegot says:

How can I avoid fraudulent websites? scam is proven to be a scam website that lures customers with attractive and shiny offers. These tactics have been used to deceive many people. Whalegot is just one example of this. Many other sites operate similarly.

These points will help you distinguish a fake website from a legitimate one. Before you click on the “Buy Now” button, make sure to do your research.

Video On Demand: Rent or BuyCell Phones & AccessoriesComputers, Tablets & ComponentsElectronic Components & Home AudioEntertainment CollectiblesBusiness & Industrial SuppliesShoes, Handbags, Wallets, Sunglasses

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