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Although many media personalities are trying to stay in the news for their latest stories, they also aim to gain popularity. Five videos of Rezky Aditya’s were published on the internet. Rezky is a popular actor and model from Indonesia. Do you want to find Rezky’s video’s content and timeline? Next, let’s look at Video Rezky Aditya Tweet.

Rezky leaks video to twitter:

Rezky’s recent videos were widely shared via social media such as Telegram, Instagram and YouTube. Some Twitter users who had imported the video first advised their followers and netizens that they should join their DM to gain access to the videos.

Telegram is an instant messaging app that can only be used by private individuals. The existence of Rezky’s YouTubeleaked Video and its circulation on Telegram are not yet known.

The five video clips were 00.04.03, 00:00.09, 20.07.44, 20.05.06, and 20.06 minutes in length. The faces of Rezky were shown on four different videos. The fifth video, which ran for 00:00.06 seconds, is the most talked about. The fifth video displayed the body portion, which is going Viral InTiktok.

The fifth video is a dubious one as Rezky is not seen in it. The video is quite short with Rezky’s face not shown. Instagram videos can only capture offensive content.

What made the Rezky video viral?

Two reasons the viral video was made were: Hard Gumay had foretold a future event in which a celebrity would have his first letter beginning with ‘R. People believe that Hard Gumay is correct.

Rezky’s fans are shocked by the Redditviral video leaks on social media. It is because Rezky married Citra KiranaSiregar on January 19, 2019. The couple has two kids.

We are removing the link because of the adult content in the video. Here are the links to Rezky’s social networks accounts.


Leaked Rezky video was posted on Twitter’s @racun_update page on 25-December-2022. It contained screenshots of five videos and an uncensored photograph of the body. Links to news websites and knowledge-based sites were included in the posts made on other social media channels. The video’s full version is not available online. However, certain netizens will offer the video to specific followers upon request.

Are Rezky’s video details leaked? Please comment on this article Rezky.

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