Too Hot to Handle Season 2 Cast (Today Update) – the second season of mugging?

Too Hot To Handle is back. Yes, really! It turns out that you didn’t see the Netflix horror show in your counterblockade fever dreams last March.

It’s back with a new season of indefectible models. They are each so beautiful in real life they can’t keep their hands from one another for more than an hour.

The premise is that a group of coitus-driven, conventionally hot mates from all over the globe are tricked into thinking they’re going to a LoveIsland-esque reality series at a tropical manor.

Soon after arriving, a cone-shaped AI descends upon the party to inform them they are there to form deeper connections through shop networks. All coitus is prohibited!

The retreat is strictly forbidden from coitus, heavy petting or kissing. If it does, it will result in a deducting of $2,000. This proven system will result in actors developing precious emotional bonds.

These models will be appearing on an Netflix series and will make many thousand bones per Instagram post once the show is over. They were probably able to do this before.

This is why they are making out with each others by the fifth twinkle of Episode Two. However, the main purpose of Too Hot To Handle‘s existence is to allow us to witness them having a good time. Without further ado, here’s where the cast of season two is now.

Cam Holmes

Cam Holmes, a Welsh model and coach who is 24 years old, makes a strong print on the first occasion. He uses a Gollum print to attract the ladies. It worked, as it turned out.

One of the few success stories on the courting show, Emily and Cam are still together and modeling for Boohoo. Lovebirds, get your bags.

Chase Demoor

The 25-year-old TikTok football star and player plays for the Houston Linemen. They are part of the Spring League. Although it didn’t work out for Carly, they feel like they have rekindled their friendship (as far as we can see from the Instagram commentary).

Emily Faye Miller

Cam and Cam fell in love while they were living in London. She told Cosmo UK, ” What I felt also was how I feel now.” The YouTube reunion revealed that they have indeed moved in together.

Carly Lawrence

The model, who is 24 years old, is a Toronto native. She’s also a man-eater and tone-blended. Cosmo UK asked her about her relationship life and she said that she still allows Joey.

Kayla Jean

Kayla Jean, 26, hails from the Sunshine state. She bartends and model. Kayla was not in love this season.

Nathan Webb

The Brit from Texas is a former stripper and is quick to show that he still has the moves. Larissa was just not for him.

Larissa Townson

A 28-year-old Larissa hails from New Zealand. She is a model counsel! This could explain why she didn’t last very long on the show.

Peter Vigilante

Peter, a 21-year-old particular coach from Staten Island and Tk star is the baby of the cast. It seems like he is getting closer to Melinda since he was back in New York.

Marvin and Melinda have confirmed that they are not dating anymore, and C calls Melinda a couple in this comment. intriguing!

Melinda Melrose

Melinda, a 28-year-old model who is grounded in New York. In the 2HTH reunionn, she confirmed that her long distance love with Marvin didn’t last. After an argument, Marvin cancelled a flight to meet Melinda in Mexico. Her effects are heating up with fellow New Yorker Peter.

Christina Carmela

Christina arrived, quickly hooking up with Emily, and Cam, , but later established a connection to Robert. However, she seems to be flying solo these day.

Robert Van Tromp

The Brit came in late and took Christina‘s place. However, the love did not last.

Marvin Anthony

The 26 year-old Parisian model fell in love with Melinda and won the $5,000 prize plutocrat. Marvin seems to be happy that Melinda and Peter have gotten along since the brace has ended.

On Peter’s Insta of the brace, he reflected “Good Job Chum” and “Congratulations on Melinda. Perhaps his success comes from not walking away empty-handed from the show.

When will season two of Too Hot to Handle be out?

Season 2 of Too Hot to Deal premiered June 23, 2021. The first four episodes were released on June 23, and the rest on June 30, respectively. The staggered release was explained by Brandon Riggs , Netflix’s Vice President of Unscripted and Factual Series ( opens in new tab), ” We’re trying out the release format so that you have time to analyze and gossip about every step of this competition as it unfolds.”

Netflix previously renewed the sexy show for a third series. You can expect it to air in summer 2022. The Turtle Tail Estate, Turks, and Caicos directors robbed the alternate and third season back-to-back (more on that in a nanosecond).

Who is in Too Hot to Handle Season 2’s Cast?

Netflix finally gave the first glimpse at the cast of Too Hot to Handle season 2 on June 15. Spoiler alert: they are hot. There are several models in the group, as well as a few coaches, a bartender and a stripper. And yes, there is a counsel.

What was the second season of mugging?

The show was mugged in September 2020 well before the two-season renewal in January. Variety revealed the casting styles of the show. To keep implicit rivals in the darkness, the product called the show Parties in Paradise instead of using its real name,” up until the point when the cameras started rolling.

They went to great lengths to get this — Cam Holmes said to the Expres “When I was picked up to take me to the manor , the motorist was wearing a chapeau with the words Parties in Paradise reversed. It was so beautiful that I couldn’t help but stare at it. I was puzzled as to why they would buy such fake headdresses. Who would go to such a length? They did. They purchased fake headdresses.”


Season 1 was set in Mexico, but season 2 and 3 were set in California. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, both seasons were mugged in the luxurious s.$ 20 million Turtle Tail Estate.

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