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Did you get a text message from Jen at Tobin researching requesting that you complete a confidential or private survey? Or are you a resident of Michigan? How do you feel Joe Biden handles his presidency? What do you think about the Michigan state legislature’s handling of their job in Lansing? Are you curious to know if the Tobin research survey text scam or legitimate? This review will explain why you should be cautious about such text.

Text Message: What is the Tobin survey?

Scammers have sent a scam text with a link to an phishing site. The scam text message asks for your permission to complete a confidential survey. Your voice will be heard”. This Format also contains the message. Do you live in Michigan?” What are your thoughts on Joe Biden’s handling of his presidency? What do you think about the Michigan state legislature’s handling of their job in Lansing? This is a scam text that scammers are sending.

Review of 2022: SCAM! Buste…

This scam tries to trick recipients into clicking on the link and promising them a gift. The link in the text scam takes recipients to a phishing site that steals their account credentials and personal financial information.

. The spoofing link often contains spywares, viruses, and malwares that can be harmful to devices. They can also hack into and destroy devices.

Reddit is a place where there’s a lively discussion about this scam text.

When you receive a message like this, the best thing to do is to block its sender and then delete it.

Other similar messages may be sent to you. If this happens, delete it immediately and notify others to avoid being scammed. This is done to get unsuspecting victims click on the link to go to a phishing site where they can then steal their personal information and use it fraudulently.

Tobin Research Survey Format

This format also works for the message

Hello! Jen from Tobin Study. You may have just a few minutes to complete a private survey. Maky will ensure that your voice is heard!”

Are you a Michigan resident? How do you feel about Joe Biden’s handling of his presidency? What are your thoughts on the Michigan state legislature’s handling of their job in Lansing?


The Foregoing clearly shows that the Tobin Research Survey Text scam is phishing. Many people have received similar messages. Users should not click the link if they get such messages.

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