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Tinder, a popular dating platform, allows users find potential matches. Tinder can sometimes be more private for some users. Tinder’s Incognito Mode was designed to allow users to do this. This mode allows users browsing and swiping on profiles without sharing any activity or making it visible to others. This article will tell you how to enable Tinder Incognito mode.

What is Tinder Incognito Mode, and how does it work.

Tinder Incognito mode lets users browse and swipe through profiles anonymously. This feature allows users browsing and swiping on profiles anonymously. Your swipes will not be visible on your profile. This feature is great for those who want to be discreet when using dating apps.

How to make Tinder Incognito Mode work

It is simple to activate Tinder Incognito mode. These are the steps you need to take in order to activate this feature.

  • Open Tinder on your smartphone
  • Tap the profile icon located in the upper left corner.
  • Select the “Settings option.”
  • Scroll down and select “Incognito Mode”.
  • Change the switch from the “Incognito Mode” to the “On”.

Your profile won’t show activity after you enable Tinder Incognito mode. Also, swipes won’t appear to other users.

What happens if you switch on Tinder Incognito Mode?

Here are some of the consequences of enabling Tinder Incognito mode

  • Your activity on the app will not be visible on your profile or to other users.
  • No one will ever see your swipes on your profile.
  • Your swipes won’t be visible on your profile.
  • You won’t have the ability to see who swiped right from you profile.
  • Your profile won’t appear in the “RecentlyActive” section.

Tinder Incognito mode allows you to browse profiles anonymously and swipe them.

Tinder Incognito Mode The Benefits

Tinder Incognito Mode comes with many benefits such as:

  • Profiles can be viewed and swiped through with more privacy.
  • Discretion mode: This mode is designed for people who prefer to keep their personal information private on dating apps.
  • Anonymity: Your profile will remain anonymous.
  • You can rest assured that nobody will see what you are doing on the app.

Tinder Incognito Mode’s drawbacks

Tinder Incognito mode is not without its problems.

  • Limited functionality: You won’t see who swiped right from you profile.
  • No feedback: Your profile won’t show the impact you swiped.
  • Missed opportunities

These drawbacks aside Tinder Incognito is still an effective feature for those who prefer to keep their profile private on the dating app.


Tinder’s anonymity mode allows users to use it anonymously. This feature allows users to search profiles and match with other people, without their activity appearing on the app’s activity feed. You can also restrict who can see your profile to give you more privacy.

Tinder uses data collected from users to improve its internal processes, so incognito mode does not guarantee complete privacy. It’s a useful tool for those who prefer to use Tinder in a discreet manner. Incognito mode can also be enabled by going into the settings menu and setting it to “on”. This feature allows Tinder users the freedom to use Tinder without worrying about privacy.

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