The Cast of Menace II Society (Today Update) – played by Jada pinkett Smith?

We have been discussing cast of Teen Moms 2 recently. We now want to talk about the Cast of Menace II Society. The Hughes Brothers directed the movie. This movie looks just like a Disney movie.

We think Boys movie is better than Menace II Society. The movie also features an incredible cast. Let’s see what they are doing right now. This post will give you all the information about Menace II Society.

Caine played by Tyrin Turn –

Tyrin’s most memorable role in his career was that of Caine. Turner has been in many memorable films since Menace, including Soldier Boyz and Belly.

Turner did his best to get into Caine’s world, which was well worth the effort. While he was singing with Rap A Lot Records, Turner tried his best to get into Caine’s character but unfortunately his album will not be out.

Larenz Tate plays O-Dog

Larenz was a memorable character in Menace and his performance was a great success. Since then, he has been steadily working in television and movie productions. He was seen in The Inkwell, then with the Hughes Brothers in Dead Presidents.

He played Frankie Lymon, the main character in Why Do Fools fall in Love. This show showed his versatility as an actor. He played Quincy Jones in Ray, and he’s currently playing the role of Bart in Rescue Me.

We are certain that we will see him more over the next years.

Samuel L. Jackson plays Tat Lawson

Although Jackson’s scene in this series is short, it is memorable. In a given year, he appears in at most three movies. He is the style that will never go out of fashion.

Ronnie was played by Jada pinkett Smith

Jada starred with Larenz Tate in The Inkwell. A Low Down Dirty Shame is a dumb tales of the Crypt movie.

He married Will Smith in 1997, which kept her in limelight. After that, her role as Niobe in Matrix sequels helped her to a lot.

She is currently appearing in the title role of Hawthorne, but she is doing more than acting. Jada was instrumental in the formation of Wicked Wisdom, a band for which she is both a singer and song writer.

Will Smith, her sister, also founded the Will and Jada Smith Family Foundation. This charitable trust helps inner-city youths.

A-Wax played by MC Eiht –

Aaron Tylor, real name of MC Eiht, appeared in several movies after Menace. His most recent movie was T Bone: Who Made the Potato Salas? 2006

He isn’t actually an actor, but he is a rapper. He has portrayed himself as Menace II Society and therefore did not have to work hard for it.

He had 20 albums released since 1994 and was also featured on albums by other rappers like Snoop Dogg. He also voices the character Lance Ryder Wilson in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

Sharif Butler played by Vonte sweet –

I had enough money to buy one hundred and fifty balls…

Yes, I do know the dialogue was from Boyz N The Hood. But it was nice that he said it. Vonte has been nothing but good since 2000. He is a very talented actor.

In 2000, he played the role as Dealer in Traffic. He has been a well-known actor in the industry since then.

Trailer –

The trailer for Menace II Society is available in the video below. This video will give you an overview of the show’s plot and help you decide if you want to see it.

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