Tania Nicole McGowan (Today Update) – What’s in this video?

This article gives information about the Tania Nicole McGowan and tells the reader about untruths.

How can a mother cause her son’s suicide? Everyone in the United States is outraged and shocked to hear about Tania Nicole’s case.

This article will provide you with information about Tania Nicole McGowan and other facts.

Why does the Tania Nicole case seem so hot?

Tania Nicole was taken in custody after it became clear that she had beat her son, and even starved him. The baby is five months old and everyone in the United States is furious that her mother is beating her son to death.

Surveillance Viral on Reddit – What’s in this video?

Tania is seen on surveillance video beating her son. Tania Nicole was taken into police custody. They reached the spot after calling 911 and took the child to UF-health.

On December 11, the baby was declared dead and the doctor who examined him called police to report his bruises. The medical examiner concluded that the baby was also malnourished because he didn’t have any food.

What’s next?

The news is now on Twitter. As the police entered Tania Nicole’s home, they investigated the scene. They found that the house was mostly empty because there wasn’t much furniture.

Nicole informed the police that she had found a few bottles of baby formula. Nicole said that the baby was sleeping at night. She didn’t check him out for three hours after that because she assumed he was still sleeping.

What happens with the baby?

Social media sites such as Instagram, TikTok and many others provide much support. Many readers aren’t happy with all the scenarios. The police speak to residents of the complex and one tells them that they heard the slapping in the common area.

The police then reviewed the surveillance video and discovered that Tania McGowan had abused the child before twisting his neck with force.

Can the video be found anywhere?

Unfortunately, no video is available on any platform other than Youtube or Twitter. The video is described as disturbing by police investigators, so they keep it private until they present it to court.

Tania’s actions toward her baby have caused outrage on social media.

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Final words

The entire case shocked the world because it was hard to imagine what Tania Nicole did to her son . Based on surveillance video taken from the apartment, however, the police arrested Nicole.

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