Supernewin Reviews (Today Update) – You can find more information?

Are you sure Supernewin is the best place to purchase shoes online? Or is it a scam website. Do you want to read Supernewin reviews before you spend any money? You’re in the right place.

I’m a reviewer of the top online shopping websites. My goal is to give honest reviews of online shoe shops so you can choose the right product for you. is the place to go if you’re looking for the hottest fashion trends but don’t want all your money going on designer brands. It allows users to purchase shoes for a fraction of what they would cost if they were bought in-store.

I’ve done extensive research on and wanted to share my review so that you can see if it is a scam or how you can avoid it.

What is claims to have the largest selection of shoes online.

I searched for the product size on Google but could not find any websites that offered it.

It was created in 2016 and the exact location of it is not known. The website does not contain any information.

Who owns

I don’t know who is owned or what their full name is. This has led me to believe that they may be trying to conceal something or want to keep their identity secret.

Supernewin Shipping Offer

Without seeing their website, I tried finding information about them and their products before purchasing anything from them. They only appear when you add items to your shopping basket – so nothing other than what they have on their website could be found!

What is the Quality of Shoes

They offer photos of models wearing the product instead of real photos.

Is Supernewin Legit? has many positive reviews from customers who purchased various types of shoes through this site. However, it seems that not everyone who received all their items was able to write a good review about the company.

This raised enough eyebrows to not buy from them, at least until I do more internet research and find out more about the company.

I found more information online that clearly showed they were scammers trying to conceal their identities.

Doubt about Domain Names

After customers complained about being charged too much for shipping, they changed their domain name. Now they use “” while before it was ““.

Despite the fact that people now access their website in a different way, many unhappy customers still leave negative reviews and have not received refunds.

No Legit E-mail Service

They use free email services to notify you when items are purchased or payment notifications are received. However, it is not clear how the emails were generated or who sent them.

I did some searches on Google using keywords such as “scam”, Supernewin review, “scammed By Supernewin”, but none of them provided any information about this company.

People feedbacks are suspicious

One thing really concerns me. I’m not sure if this is true but, reading other reviews about this website, people mention that they requested a refund and have received their items already. If the parcel was delivered to a London address, how could this be possible? Without a third-party shipping provider, it’s almost impossible.

You can find more information about the company online by searching Facebook and Twitter. Scammers often use these social media sites to increase their popularity and make themselves “popular” on the websites. However, this company seems not to be interested in doing that. While there are many negative reviews online about this company, some claim they were scammed out of their money. I did find some customers who claimed that they received the items exactly as promised. Because I don’t know who the real owner is, it’s difficult for me to determine if this website really exists.

I do not believe you should purchase anything until there is more information online.

Modal Payment

All transactions are made through PayPal, which is based in America.

My conclusion

Website is not located in the USA. It has no customer reviews or address. It is a fraud. This company is a scam! Stay away Please comment below if you’ve been scammed by this or another company.

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