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Super Bowl Halftime Show (Today Update) – Eminem is the ultimate rapper?

Even though it’s been days since Super Bowl, we can’t get over how much the halftime show has made headlines more than the actual game. The reason is quite obvious. It was a star-studded event, and every one of them made sure their presence was counted. Our beloved Snoop Dogg was seen in his superbowl halftime tracksuit. It was an unforgettable sight, we must admit. It was amazing to see him get on stage with the other guys and light it up. It would be a great gesture if you took it literally and metaphorically.

However, he and other celebs put on an amazing show that cannot be missed. While the game is one thing, the fashion sense of each celeb is amazing. It was impossible to look away from them, and it was difficult to go through each look. Some things must be done quickly! We are here to tell you where to find these incredible outfits and how to style them.

LA Rams vs Cincinnati Bengals

On February 13, 2022, the Super Bowl champion game was played at SoFi Stadium. Although the win was not easy, Los Angeles Rams were able to get back on track after moving into their home stadium. The win was a success, but it wasn’t for Bengal Cincinnati. They were the losers. Everyone knows that they tried their best. We can only wish them luck next time! It wasn’t the right time.

This was the Rams’ second victory. It would have been considered the first LA-based team. This was not an easy win for the Bengals, who had already scored 10 points in the third quarter. Since the ball was tossed, most people had hoped for them. Both couldn’t win, so someone had to lose. It was broadcast live by NBC and became the 2nd most watched game in history.

Halftime performers

Everyone knew that something was about to happen when the names were released for the halftime show performers at the super bowl. You can’t help but to expect the best from Dr. Dre and Eminem. These are some of the most prominent personalities in the world. They were not the only surprise guests. The halftime show featured a fantastic performance by deaf rappers, who used sign language to communicate with the audience.

Now that we have covered all details about the final play-off, it is time to move on to the elegant outfits that became overnight stars because of their celebrity status. The Blue bandana Tracksuit would be questioned differently if it was worn by a regular person, without any celebrity. People don’t often pay homage to street-gangs by wearing clothing that represents a gang. It is common for celebrities like Snoop Dogg because he was once a member of a street gang California.

Snoop Dogg in his style

We mentioned that Calvin Corouzar, also known as Snoop Dogg, set the stage ablaze earlier. However we weren’t referring to his performance. This blue tracksuit, which is also the African-American symbol for a street gang, was on him. The next tracksuit featured a round neck collar, rib-knitted sleeves and geometrical patterns all over. He completed his look by wearing a pair of cool reverses in yellow with laces.

Next, Kendrick Lamar was born June 1987. He is an American rapper, songwriter, and record producer. When he was a teenager, his musical journey began. His stage name was K.Dot. Snoop Dogg is a popular online star and one of the most influential people.

Kendrick and LV

When we think about Kendrick’s Outfit, it was a custom-made Louis Vuitton suit. A double-breasted, black wool jacket is layered over a black silk blouse. Although he didn’t ignore any of the issues at his end, we believe it could have been better. Snoop Dogg performed at the halftime show and received jewelry from Tiffany. Lamar finished the look with black boots and LV black leather gloves. This look was one of the most talked about at the event. We know why because of the black he chose. Although there could be seven colors, black is the one that catches the eye. It felt more like a concert than an NFL championship match because of the halftime show.

Dr. Dre and his flawless look

Next is Dr. Drew Super Bowl Black Jacket. For those not familiar with him. His real name is Andre Romelle Young, and he was born February 1965. He is most likely known for his work with Beats Electronics or Aftermath Entertainment, which he co-founded. You might notice that he didn’t put much effort into his clothes, but his leather jacket stole the spotlight. This is what you would call effortless. He knew that his performance would draw attention and that there’s no reason to dress up like you’re going to the Oscar ceremony. He believed that “less is more”.

Eminem is the ultimate rapper

Let’s discuss Eminem’s jacket. Another rapper, another look. He is now 49 years old. He doesn’t look that old, so that’s fine. If we had to rank all artists, we would gladly place him on the most casually dressed super bowl celebrity. We are not sure if it was the black color or the style of his cap underneath the hood. It looked like he was out to meet up with an old friend. To be fair. So far so good.

Sum up!

While we don’t think Snoop Dogg’s Tracksuit was bad, it’s something Calvin can do again. It doesn’t matter if you feel comfortable. Eminem said that it was nerve-wracking and that he had to do it again. He was quite right in his explanation. Live broadcasts can’t be erased. This will be there for many decades, and it is what made him nervous. He still performed well despite all of this. He performed well, but so did everyone else, even the teams. If you’re still unsure if these iconic looks are available for purchase, you can dig deeper. You can find all these outfits on many websites. We hope you now understand the rules of online shopping. It doesn’t matter if you don’t know the rule of online shopping, it’s okay to give it another try. Don’t worry, you won’t be scammed!

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