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Stewart Rhodes Wikipedia (Nov2022) Is Stewart Married? Wife, Girlfriend

Elmer Stewart Rhodes, an American paratrooper who also works as a political staffer for Ron Paul. He is also a lawyer and founder of the Oath Keepers. He is well-known in the United States, and Canada. He was convicted for evidence tampering and seditious conspiracy in relation to the attack on the Capitol in the United States. Fresno in California is where he was born. He joined the U.S. Army after completing his high school education in Las Vegas. Stewart Rhodes Wikipedia has many other details.

Reddit, Instagram, and Twitter

Stewart Rhodes Instagram

Stewart Rhodes’ Instagram account has not been found. Many accounts have a similar name. However, the account of Rhodes is still not found.

Stewart’s Facebook account is not known. Stewart does not have a Facebook account.

Stewart is not able to access the Twitter account. However, a tweet relating to Stewart’s guilt has been published on Twitter.

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Below is important information. This will provide you with more information about him.

Real Name Stewart Rhodes
Nickname Stewart
Profession US Paratrooper, Lawyer, Oath Keepers
Date of birth 1966
Died Not died
Age 56
Zodiac Sign Not known
Birthplace Fresno, California
Nationality American
Marital Status Married
Name of the Wife Tasha Adams
Name of the Partner Not known
Net Worth Not known

Parents (Father/Mother, Family, Children, and Others)

Stewart’s parents are not known. It has been discovered that Stewart’s father, a U.S. Marine Corps veteran, was married to a farm worker.

Stewart and Tasha Adams have five children together. They have three children, Sedona Adams, Sequoia Adams and Dakota Adams. They lived together in New Haven, Connecticut and other Western states.

Is Stewart Married? Wife, Girlfriend

Tasha Adams and Stewart were married in 1994. They met in Las Vegas. Adams was 18 and Stewart was 25 when they met. Adams was a dancer during their marriage to help Stewart’s education. Adams later filed for divorce. This case is still pending.

Stewart Educational Qualification and Career

Stewart attended high school in Las Vegas. Stewart also attended the University of Nevada to study Politics. Rhodes graduated from Yale Law School in 2001. He was known for his advocacy of gun rights in law school. In 2004, he graduated. We have very little information about him because he wasn’t active on Instagram or other social media accounts.

Stewart joined the U.S. Army. After seven months, Stewart was discharged from the U.S. Army with honor.

Stewart Ethnicity and Nationality Religion

Stewart is a member of the ‘Mixed Race.’ His ethnicity remains unknown. Stewart is American by nationality and follows Christianity as his religion.

Birthday , Date of Birth

Stewart’s birth year is not available. It is 1966. It is difficult to determine his exact age because his birth date is not available. However, he can be assumed to have been born in 1957.

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