Shaquille Robinson Video (Nov2022) The Story Robinson’s Demises

Many people attempted to find her obituary. The funeral was also held on Saturday, 19 November 2022. Many people still want to update Shaquille Robinson Video.

The video before the death

Another video has been uploaded to YouTube. According to the report, this is Shaquille Robin’s last video before her death. Robinson and her friends are so happy in this video and are discussing vacation facts.

The fight video was shared millions of times and published on social media platforms such as Twitter, Reddit, and TikTok. It is still very popular and people are still sharing it on social media platforms. These channels were already asked by the investigating authority to remove the tape.

Shaquille Robinson: Who are you?

Shaquille Robinson, a lady aged 25 from Charlotte, North Carolina. She was self-employed and owned her baby care business in her hometown. She is her only child. Her father is Bernard Robinson and her mother Salamondra Robinson.

According to the report, she was unmarried and single. We need more information about her personal life, her relationship status and news on her boyfriend. Her net worth was 700K USD. She was born in 1997. Her company’s name is “Kid and Company”.

The Story Robinson’s Demises

Shanquella traveled to Mexico to be with her friend. Her parents received the news about her death via Cobo. Alcohol poisoning was the primary cause. The footage went viral on numerous social media platforms. This footage showed Robinson being beaten and was left unconscious in her hotel room.

The autopsy reports later stated that Robinson’s neck and spinal cord were severed. The FBI began an investigation after Robinson’s parents requested a thorough investigation. Later, the investigation authority checks all videos and attempts to interview the video-maker’s friends.

The Most Recent Update

All possible facts are being investigated by police. The investigation authority wants to talk with her friends about the details. Khalik Cooke, Robinson’s best friend. The CCTV footage is also searched by police. Unfortunately, no CCTV footage is available.

Wiki Report by Robinson

  • Full Name- Shaquille Robinson
  • Age- 25
  • Date of birth – not mentioned
  • Marital Status – Single
  • Date of birth – not mentioned
  • Charlotte, North Carolina – Place of Birth
  • Religion-Christian
  • Mother’s name- Salamandra Robinson
  • Occupation-Businesswoman
  • Name of Husband – The question isn’t asked.
  • Partner Name- No data
  • Partner Name- No data

Are there any arrest news?

In the meantime, Shanquelle’s case has been placed on hold. A Mexican prosecutor confirmed this news during the press conference. Daniel De Rosa Anaya, the Mexican prosecutor, confirmed that they had filed the case against him in the video footage.

International authorities have also been notified. The court made femicide accusations against the main suspect and denoted this point. Interpol was also involved and requested proper coordination from the United States. However, the authorities have not yet cleared the accused.

Instagram News

Social media channels also provide updates. According to the “Theybf” daily they reported the incident and updated information about the situation. According to the news, the FBI has begun an investigation and is trying to find the key clues.

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Police are currently investigating the case. Many people are calling for an investigation into the case and asking for justice for Robinson. You can also check out the latest news on Shanquella by clicking this link.

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