What should you search for in Google? All relevant facts are here!

We have two choices when browsing the internet. You can either search Google or type in a URL. Each method has its advantages, but it can be hard for people to decide which one they prefer. This article will help you to make informed decisions and examine the benefits and drawbacks of each option.

The benefits of searching Google

Google searches are very useful because they allow you to quickly locate what you need. It can be hard to find the right information when there are so many pages online. Google’s powerful search algorithm makes it simple to find what you are looking.

Google is great at discovering new information

Google search is the best place to start if you are looking for information on a particular topic. Google’s search algorithm is designed to deliver the most current and relevant information to users. You can quickly find extensive knowledge about any topic with just a few clicks.

Google Helps You with Grammar and Spelling

Google search can also assist with grammar and spelling. Google can help you spell or check your grammar if you have any questions.

The Benefits of Typing in URLs

Searching Google is great, but typing in a URL has many benefits.

Faster Access To Your Favorite Websites

It can be faster to type in URLs if you frequent the same websites than search for it on Google. You will be taken to the website immediately after you type the URL.

More Direct Access to Specific Pages

A URL allows you to navigate directly to a particular page on a website by simply typing it in. It doesn’t matter if you know the URL of the page that you want to visit. You can just type it in to get there and not have to navigate the website.

When to Search Google, and When to Enter a URL

We’ve seen the benefits of both, now it’s time for us to think about when to use each.

Search Google If You Aren’t Sure What You’re Looking for

Google is the best search engine to use if you aren’t sure which website to visit. Google will search for keywords related to what you are looking for and provide a list with websites that match the criteria.

If you are familiar with the website you want, you can type it in rather than searching on Google. This is especially true if the website you are frequently visiting is the same.


Searching Google or typing in a URL has its benefits. Google searches are great for finding new information. It can also assist with grammar and spelling. If you visit the same websites often, typing in a URL will be faster. It also allows you to navigate to specific pages of a website. You should consider your search criteria and how familiar you feel with the website. You can use the information provided in this article to make an informed decision whether you want to search Google or type in URL. Remember that the best method for you is the one that works. What should you do? Search Google, or enter a URL? It’s your choice!

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