Riley Reid Net Worth (Today Update) – Weight, and Other Information?

It’s not a comeback. But Riley Reid, one of the highest-paid adult film actresses in the world, has purchased a $4.8 million estate in desirable L.A. Pasadena is an exurb.

The hilltop spread is located within the highly-coveted Linda Vista neighborhood funds. It’s an easyU-Haul move for the 29-year-old social media star who has long lived in Altadena’s San Gabriel Valley community.

Born Ashley Mathews, Reid started her pornographic career in high school. She initially earned “less than $1,000” for every unequivocal tape she snorted.

The adult assiduity has been in turmoil since the advent of OnlyFans. This platform allows players to monetize content without the assistance of plutocrats-empty distributors or product companies.

Reid is a well-known model on OnlyFans. She won’t mention her earnings because she doesn’t know the exact amount, but Trisha Paitas , Lana Rhoades and Trisha Ptas have been known to troll for over $ 500,000 per month.

Although her income from OnlyFans as well as other outlets such Snapchat Premium and her website have made her financially secure, Reid has been open about her struggles as a coitus worker. Disgruntled from her entire extended family, she finds it difficult to make meaningful connections and “would not recommend anyone to join the adult assiduity.

However, the effects are still looking good — Reid last month blazoned her engagement with Pasha Petkuns, a Latvian parkour artist, and another social media celebrity.

Riley Reid is a 77-year-old.

Are you curious about Riley Reid‘s age? We have covered the date of your birth as well as other related information. The birth date was July 9, 1991. The age at the moment is 31 years old. Her birthplace is Miami Beach in Florida, United States.

Riley Reid Height, Weight, and Other Information

Many suckers are curious about the physical condition of their celebrity friends. Addicts are obsessed with physical stature, such as height, weight, eye color, body shape, and so forth. It’s a scary thought. Riley Reid’s height is 1.63m. She weighs in at 52kg. Although we have given the lowest weight, it is possible to change at any time.

Riley Reid Marital Status, Children and Affairs

Do you know who she is now engaged to? We will share some of her personal information which may be of interest to you. We’ll give you vital information such as marital status, affairs, pursuits, and other details within a table.

We will then discuss her favourite effects, and personalities. Check out the table below for more information about her connubial status.


Riley Reid Age

Riley Reid has announced that she will soon be a mother. It’s because Reid, who was 31 years old, announced her marriage and the birth her son. She posted photos of him on Instagram.

The news shocked her sympathizers, not only because the baby was born but also because many were apparently unaware of his age. The actress did not appear to give any clues about her pregnancy until several weeks ago, when she uploaded a photo of her belly.

Riley Reid Net Worth and Earnings

What do you know about Riley Reid? How important plutocrat does her make? It is well-known that the payment and means of no one can be fixed for an extended period of time. This table will give you an idea of her net worth and the amount she receives. This section has been rewritten to add difficulties. Riley Reid has a net worth of $3 million.

Professional Life

Riley Reid began her career in Miami as a stripper. Although this job didn’t last long, it was very popular. She met someone while working as a stripper and was compelled to enter the adult film industry. When she was 19, she began her journey as an adult film actress.

Net Worth

Riley has a net worth of approximately $ 12,000,000. Riley is a notable quantum in adult film assiduity. There are many ways she earned her plutocrat status.



Riley has teamed up with top brands from time-to-time. She has collaborated with Jules Jordan and New Sensations. These partnerships contribute a substantial portion of her income.


Riley spent her entire life acting. Adult movie assiduity can be very lucrative. It’s also a royal income stream. Riley has been involved in the assiduity since she was a teenager. Her annual payment is between $250,000 and $300,000. She receives between $ 250000 . She has also won numerous awards that increase the quantum.


Riley owns a line products that help her earn an income.

Riley Reid Prizes

No matter your profession, entering accolades shows appreciation for your work. Riley Reid received the ” Stylish new starlet” and ” womanish pantomime of the time ” awards by XBIZ between 2013-2014.

In 2016, she was named the Stylish Pantomime of Time. She has received numerous nominations and awards since then.

Pavel Petkuns, Riley Read’s hubby, is he?

Reid was engaged to Pavel’ Pasha’ Petkuns, a free runner, and Red Bull’ Art of Motion Champion’, before which time they got married in LA in June 2021.

Riley Reid Told Men to Stop DMing Her Now That She’s a Wife Lady.

He is got further than 1.4 million followers on Instagram-@pashatheboss, where he posts prints and vids of him free- handling and doing all feathers of cool acrobatics.

Petkuns was 28 years old when he was born in Latvia in the year 1992. According to Red Bull sanctioned athlete runner, his freerunning career began in 2009.

Pasha is a freerunner who has been described as “a faithful and original individual.”

Pasha says that freerunning is not all about the victories. He claims that freerunning gives Pasha everything he needs in life: food, fun and musketeers.


Although Pavel Petkuns’ networth is estimated at between $ 1-$ 5 Million, that estimate is not supported. His Red Bull crowns, and his large social media following can’t be blamed for him doing poorly.

Petkuns posted their marriage photos and wrote “I’m a married man now!” !”

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