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Randi Trew Chris Beard (Today Update) – Beard was Arrested Why?

This Randi Trewed Chris Beard post will inform the readers about the most recent news about Chris Beard. Please take the time to read.

What do you know about Randi Beard and Chris Beard Is there a relationship between them? These people are looking for information about the Randi Trw Chris Beard relationship. The latest news is that Chris was charged with the assault of one of his family members. Readers want to know the identity of the victim. This post will tell you about Randi Trew and Chris Beard.

The Latest News from Trew and Chris

Beard split with Leslie Beard, his Girlfriend. Randi Trew was his support system. Chris and Randi began dating in 2019. Randi Trew filed an assault complaint against Chris Beard. According to online sources, he was arrested. Tony Plohetski confirmed his arrest. He was arrested Monday morning.

Chris Beard was Arrested Why?

Since 2015, Chris Beard has been the NCAA’s head coach. He is 49 years of age and previously coached Texas Tech. He was recently accused of domestic violence. His family filed a complaint. According to online sources, he was taken into custody on Monday morning. He was being held on a third-degree criminal charge.

Family Details: Chris Beard

This post will provide more information about Chris Beard’s family and personal details.

Real Name Christopher Michael Beard
Date of birth February 18, 1973
Ex-Wife Leslie Beard
Ex-Wife has children 3
When did he get married? 1996
Profession Basketball Head coach
Annual Salary $ 5.2 Million
Coaching began in 1991

We hope this information will allow you to get to know him better.

What platforms have covered this news?

After his arrest, the news was shared on all social media platforms. According to online sources, he was arrested in the morning of 12/12/2022. His arrest news was covered by platforms like Reddit and YouTube. His arrest was also covered by many verified badges. This update was covered by almost all news channels and social media sites. He was also suspended without pay from Texas.

Is this the first instance of domestic violence in Texas

This is not the first arrest for assault. Arterio Morris, a freshman guard, was also taken into custody in June for an altercation with his girlfriend. This news was also shared on Twitter.

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