Preparation for Your Tech Interviews (Nov2022) Tech Interview Process

If you are able to start the process in the right direction, it is easy to prepare for tech interview preparations.

Many candidates are rejected at technical interviews every year. This could be due to a lack of understanding, guidance, or preparation.

Interviews are conducted by tech giants such as Google, Amazon, and TCS. The technical round is the most difficult.

To excel in your interview, you’ll need to prepare Amazon interview preparation

This guide will help you prepare for your tech interview.

Tech Interview Process

It is important to be familiar with the interview process when you apply for any company. Interviews are conducted in different ways by popular companies such as Amazon, Flipkart and Zoho. The structure of tech interview processes is nearly identical.

Candidates need to be familiar with the basics of a technical interview. Below are the most popular steps. Please take a look at it.

Whiteboard coding is one step in the process of shortlisting a potential candidate. The recruiter presents a problem to the candidate in this round. This problem is solved by the candidate in an online editor, docs or other means within a given time.

The recruiter uses this round to assess a candidate’s knowledge of a particular subject. The Whiteboard coding round is where recruiters assess your coding skills as well as how proficient you are with solving coding problems.

  • Interview Technical Round

The technical round interview is where the recruiter tests your problem solving skills and knowledge of data structures and related concepts.

The recruiter will basically be looking at your ideas for the technical requirements of the company. After they have thoroughly evaluated your programming skills, they will then shortlist you for their next round.

Interviews are held in the workplace where the candidate and the recruiter are facing each other.

This round includes interviews with project leaders and managers, who then shortlist candidates for specific projects based on their technical skills.

These are all the rounds used by companies to choose candidates for their company. Let’s now take a look at some tips to help you clear these rounds.

Tips to Prepare for Tech Interviews

  • Get Started With A Programming Language

Programmers should stick with one programming language until they become proficient in it. This is because programmers are hired only if they can code in a specific language for a given time. You can learn other languages if you want to but you should not abandon the language you have already learned.

Most companies use Java, C++ and React Js as their programming languages. You can learn any one of these languages and quickly become an expert. The company will see potential and hire you to work on their projects.

It could be a problem if you are not using a programming language regularly. You should learn how to code in order to be able to use the programming language correctly.

You will be able solve problems quickly once you have mastered the basics of programming. Coding skills are not something you can learn without, which could reduce your chances of passing the tech interview.

Once you’ve learned the basics of programming, you can start solving problems. Too many programmers continue to write basic programs, resulting in a decrease in their problem-solving skills.

You should improve your problem solving skills. If you don’t practice, it is possible to run into data structure problems that are very challenging. You can improve your problem-solving skills by starting to practice the problems today.

  • Study Data Structure, Algorithm

If you want to be a programmer, the data structure and algorithm are crucial. Different programs can be created from scratch by using the data structure or algorithm.

If we want to create programs that are more efficient and quicker, it plays an important role. Many companies ask for data structure problems. You will have more chance of being selected if you solve it.

This will be helpful for your Amazon Interview Preparation , or if you are preparing to work with FAANG companies. FAANG companies mostly ask questions about DSA.

  • Solve Different Coding Challenges

Many websites offer coding challenges that are based on Data Structures and Algorithms. These coding challenges will help you improve your problem-solving skills and coding skills. All of these coding challenges can be found on popular websites such as Coding Ninja and Geeks For Geeks.

The first step is to study and learn about different concepts. You must review these concepts regularly in order to retain them for a long period of time. You will eventually forget the concepts if you don’t revisit them often. It is best to revise the concept regularly in order to avoid this.


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