Picuki Is it safe on Instagram Are Picuki really anonymous!

Instagram is one of most popular social media platforms. Millions of people use it to share photos and videos every day. Instagram users have the option of keeping their profiles private but there are still ways to see public profiles anonymously. Picuki allows users to anonymously view Instagram profiles. Picuki can be used anonymously, but many users wonder if it is safe. Picuki on Instagram: Is Picuki truly anonymous? We will be exploring the safety of Picuki and whether Picuki is really anonymous in this article.

What is Picuki, you ask?

Picuki lets users view Instagram profiles anonymously. Picuki allows users to see profiles anonymously, which is a big advantage over other Instagram viewers. Picuki will show the stories and posts of any profile user.

Picuki is Safe to Use?

Picuki’s anonymity feature is a concern for many users. These are the safety precautions you need to remember before using Picuki

  • Picuki does not have an affiliation with Instagram. Picuki can be used to view anonymously profiles. You are allowing Picuki access to your Instagram data.
  • Picuki will need access to your Instagram account for verification that you are a genuine user. Picuki requires you to give Picuki your Instagram username. Your Instagram account could be at risk if this website is hacked, or if you misuse the information.
  • Picuki has not been endorsed by Instagram and Picuki’s safety and security is not guaranteed. There is always risk when you use third-party websites and apps. You should not use them at all.

Are Picuki’s real identity anonymous?

Picuki claims it allows users to anonymously view other Instagram accounts. Picuki may not be completely anonymous, but it is true. Picuki can reveal your identity in several ways.

  • It is possible to track your IP address. Picuki does NOT require that you create an account. Your IP address can be used for location tracking and identification.
  • Your Instagram activity can be monitored. Picuki can be used to view anonymous Instagram profiles. Instagram will still track your activity. This means Instagram can still see what you do, even if the profile owner is not able to.
  • Picuki may share information with third parties. Picuki states in their privacy policy that Picuki may share information with third-party service providers or vendors. This means your information may be shared with other companies which could compromise your privacy.


Picuki can be a convenient and anonymous way to see Instagram profiles anonymously. However, it is not 100% safe or anonymous. Picuki involves you trusting third-party websites to access your Instagram data. This can put your security and privacy at risk. Picuki could also track your activity and share your information with other parties. Picuki, or any third-party website or app, is best avoided if your privacy and security are a concern.

In conclusion, you might be asking yourself: “Is Picuki secure?” Picuki on Instagram: Is Picuki really anonymous?” No. Picuki is a convenient way for you to see your Instagram accounts anonymously. However, you need to be careful when using Picuki or any third-party apps or websites. Picuki can be a convenient way to view Instagram profiles anonymously, but it is up to the user to decide if the privacy and security risks are worth it.

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