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Notting Hill Cast (Today Update) – based upon a true story or fiction?

We will share all information about Notting Hill casting. Continue reading to find the most recent information. Continue reading. This is all you need to know. Let’s take a look at what we’ve discovered for you.

Notting Hill Introduction

Notting Hill is a romantic comedy movie. The film was directed by Roger Michell, and produced by Duncan Kenworthy. Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts star in the film. Emma Chambers, Tim McInnerny and Gina McKee are also featured. Hugh Bonneville is also supporting.

Notting Hill received positive reviews from critics. The Golden Globe Award nomination was made for the film. Two BAFTA nominations were received for the film. The film won two BAFTA nominations.

Notting Hill: Quick facts

Release dates 21 Mai 1999 (United Kingdom),28 May 1999, (United States).

Directed By Roger Michell

Written by Richard Curtis
Produced by Duncan Kenworthy
Cinematography Michael Coulter
Edited and approved by Nick Moore
Music by Trevor Jones
Starring Julia RobertsHugh GrantHugh BonnevilleEmma ChambresJames DreyfusRhys IfansTim McInnernyGina McInnerny

Production companies PolyGram Filmed Entertainment Title Films

Distributed by Universal Pictures (United States)PolyGram Filmed Entertainment (International)

Running Time 124 Minutes

Countries United KingdomUnited State

Language English

Budget $42 Million
Box office $363.8 Million

Notting Hill Cast

Julia Roberts plays Anna Scott. Julia Roberts is an American actress. Numerous awards have been given to her, including the Academy Award and the British Academy Film Award. She also received three Golden Globe Awards.

Hugh Grant portrays William “Will” Thacker. Hugh Grant is an English actor. Many awards have been won by Hugh Grant, including the British Academy Film Award and the Volpi Cup and Honorary Cesar.

Hugh Bonneville plays Bernie

Emma Chambers plays Honey Thacker

James Dreyfus plays Martin

Rhys Ifans plays Spike

Tim McInnerny plays Max

Patrick Barlow plays Savoy concierge

Gina McKee plays Bella

Richard McCabe plays Tony

Dylan Moran plays Rufus the Thief

Arturo Venegas is an actor in Helix

Yolanda Valzquez plays translator

Mischa barton is a 12-year-old Helix actress

Emily Mortimer plays Perfect Girl

Samuel West Anna’s co-star. (as Sam West).

Ann Beach plays William

Henry Goodman plays The Ritz concierge

Julian Rhind Tutt plays Time Out journalist

Loreleiking Anna’s publicist

John Shrapnel is Anna’s UK press agent

Clarke Peters is Helix’s lead actor

Alec Baldwin plays Jeff King

Joe Cornish is a Fan Recipient of Anna’s Autograph

Matthew Modine is an Actor in Films-within Films

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts got along?

Hugh and Julia make a great couple, but they didn’t get along well with one another.

What was the age of Julia Roberts in Notting Hill

Julia Roberts was only 22 years old.

What was Julia Roberts’s compensation for Notting Hill?

Julia Roberts was paid $15 million to play this role.

Is Notting Hill based upon a true story or fiction?

According to reports, Notting Hill was the result of a real love story between Uma Thurman (a Hollywood star) and a London publisher.

The Last Words

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Notting Hill, directed by Roger Michell and written by Duncan Kenworthy is a romantic comedy. It features a large cast. We have already mentioned the cast and their characters in the article. It is clear that the film industry relies heavily on the performance of the cast. Which character is your favourite in the film? Leave a comment below.

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