New Viral Cemetery Full Video (dec2022) Is the Video on TikTok ?

Why is the cemetery video so popular? These videos are popular because people talk about them. Some online platforms now circulate videos of children in the Philippines. You might have thoughts about this video if you’ve seen the New Viral Cemetery. This video is deemed objectionable because it contains inappropriate content and cannot be viewed by elders or family members. Please read the following.

Full Video in Cemetery

An online video showing a young boy and girl falling in love is being circulated. The video was taken in a cemetery. Another funny video shows two boys fooling and pranking the public. Both videos are different in many ways. The video shot by a boy and a girl has 18 more features.

Video Viral on Reddit : Why is this objectionable?

Many people objected the couple’s first video. The video shows children sitting in unsuitable positions and romancing. Even though they are young, it is possible that the video was shot in a cemetery. A cemetery is sacred for the soul of the deceased. Respect the boundaries of cemeteries.

Two boys prank the public in a new video. This video is also offensive because it was shot in a cemetery.

Is the Video on TikTok ?

Yes, you can access the video on TikTok or other online platforms. While some sources posted only half of the video, trimming out the offensive parts, others provided the entire video from online sources. We cannot post the entire video as it would violate our policies.

Why is this video offensive to young children?

This video contains sensitive material, so it is best to avoid watching. The video is not appropriate for children under 18 years old as it can have a negative effect. Today, nearly every child uses social media and other online platforms to find information on various topics. If your child is using Instagram or other social media platforms, please keep an eye out for them so they don’t get into any inappropriate content.

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