Bumble and Netflix Partnership all things you should know about!

Bumble has introduced an on-demand, Netflix-themed game dubbed “Netflix Nights In”, that asks players questions regarding the most watched Netflix series. To determine who is able to answer all questions correctly, players can challenge their opponents.

An earlier Bumble survey revealed the 78% who use Bumble think it’s easier to communicate with matches if they share the same tastes in movies and television. Seventy-two percent of those who responded to the survey stated that they’ve talked about movies and TV on dates.

“Netflix Nights In,” that will start on Monday, January 30 and run until March 13th, is a brand-new feature of Netflix. Bumble users can participate in the game of asking questions throughout Canada, the U.S.A., Canada, as well as the U.K.

Every Monday, the questions will revolve around a single television show “Emily In Paris,” “Stranger Things,”” “Squid Game,”” and “Love is In Blind.” It is only the participants and their companions will know the correct answer to every question.

Each show will also feature characters from the series that are a part of the show like Ashley Park, Alexa Lemieux and Amanza Smith, who is from “Emily In Paris” and “Love Is Blind.”

“When we begin to get acquainted with one another, it is our instinct to look for the common interests. Magno Herran (VP Marketing Partnerships at Netflix) stated in a statement, that it provides people with something to talk about and allows them to get beyond the normal conversations. We are thrilled to see people form communities around Netflix shows and movies. We wanted to provide users the possibility of meeting people they enjoy according to their Netflix watching patterns. This collaboration also lets them make use of the ‘if you’re known’ Netflix references that have proved to be a fantastic source of ideas for conversation starters.

The event took place in October of 2022. Bumble was partnered with streaming platform Apple TV+ to offer users a blind-dating service which is inspired by the fictional app “Ted Lasso.” This event, which was ended last year, randomly linked users with potential matches without seeing the faces of those who were matched. Users were able to communicate with each other for three minutes.

Tinder is also working in breaking the ice with ways to aid users. Its two-part ” Swipe night” series was first launched in 2021. It included the interactive “choose you own adventure” storyline that users could play every week. From 2022 on, Tinder collaborated with rescue organizations to let users include shelter dogs in their profile pictures for National Dog Week.

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