MELISSA HUCKABY: Who killed Sandra Cantu? Find the complete story here!

This article provides information on Mellisa Hukaby. She is from Tracy in California. Melissa Huckaby, a bipolar Sunday school teacher, assaulted Sandra Cantu (via rolling pin) Then she murdered her daughter of 8 years in 2009.

Her grandpa was the son of a Baptist minister. Melissa was a single mother with Madison Huckaby in 2009, when she began Sunday school.

Report of a Pathologist

According to the pathologist’s report, Sandra Cantu was strangled with a piece of torn cloth, which was tied with an “noose.” Sandra’s injuries were consistent with using a silver-colored rolling pin with bent handle. Sandra’s blood was identified by the smudge that was left on the rolling pin as per this report. Sandra was also assaulted sexually with the object as per the report.

Mellisa Huckaby

Melissa Huckaby was convicted of the murder of Sandra Cantu.

Sandra’s body was discovered in the nearby pond. This concluded the missing person investigation.

To find the perpetrator the investigation continues using the aid evidence from CCTV footage.

Sandra Cantu: How did it happen?

Sandra’s parents and her stepmother were part of the search of her family for Sandra’s father and stepmother joined in the search for. However, they were confronted with the worst nightmares they’ve ever had when Sandra’s body was discovered in an adjacent cottonfield.

Sandra and others Latin Americans were the victims of hate crimes.

Their affection for one another wasn’t diminished in spite of their long distance. He was a bit depressed from his child, however, He was still loyal to her.

Sandra who is 18 an old woman, given up her desire to become an artist.

Sandra, nine-years-old, vanished mysteriously. Sandra disappeared on a mysterious basis leaving her family with both hope and fear.

Sandra was not located. Sandra looked for Sandra for several days but she was unsuccessful until an irrigation pond close to her home revealed the truth.

Sandra’s body was discovered in the bottom of the pond, discovered by the authorities after they had were able to open the suitcase. There were indications of trauma and suffering that pointed to the possibility of abuse, asphyxiation and eventually murder.

Sandra was clearly awoken from her sleep , and then separated from her family to be subjected to such cruelty.

Who killed Sandra Cantu?

Sandra Cantu (8 years old) was murdered at the age of 8 in Tracy, California. Police initially had difficulty in locating leads from Sandra’s luggage and from the pond where her body was kept.

The family members of the victim didn’t have knowledge of any enemies, so it wasn’t obvious the reason for their exploitation.

Police discovered it was discovered by police that Cantu family had installed a surveillance camera in their front lawn shortly before the murder.

The officers looked over hours of footage, and realized that Sandra was not in the frame. They couldn’t provide any clues to the circumstances surrounding her disappearance.

Maria Sandra’s mom told her Sandra’s mom, Maria, said that Melissa Huckaby, a Sunday school teacher from the region She had sent her a text message on the day that Sandra disappeared, telling her that something was missing.

Melissa Huckaby was present at Sandra’s funeral. She informed police that she discovered an account that stated Sandra’s body lay inside the suitcase. The note stated that the bag was discovered close to Bacchetti Road.

Although the note appeared to be suspicious, the police were unable to determine what the motive was behind it. Huckaby carried the note. Police conducted a search of the area surrounding the pond for discover more details.

A police officer was informed by a witness that she observed a purple SUV near the pond the day that Sandra went missing.

Witnesses also witnessed a woman run from the woods, to her side. She said she was planning to go pee in her car.

Melissa Huckaby could be identified by the CCTV footage taken from the front porch.

Melissa Huckaby, a witness to the video who was able to identify her. Huckaby is accused of murder.

Where is Melissa Huckaby?

Melissa Huckaby’s story caught the public’s interest, particularly after she reportedly accepted an agreement to plead guilty halfway through the process.

She confessed to murder and kidnapping of her husband.

The judge, however, did not approve of Melissa’s actions. She was sentenced to life in prison without parole in the Central California Women’s Facility (Chowchilla).

Melissa tried to apologize for her errors however it wasn’t enough. It was already too late.

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