Joseph Halm Arcidiacono Houston :- Ted Cruz’s Wedding or is he Married?

Why is Joseph in the news? Is Joseph guilty of any crime? What is the connection between Senator Ted Cruz and this incident? You want to know more about Ted Cruz? This article will give you all the details and answer any questions.

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What happened to the U.S. Senator Ted Cruz?

Ted Cruz was involved in a shocking incident that occurred on 8 November 2022. Ted Cruz was at a Texas victory parade. The Senator was waving at visitors from a truck and a White claw could strike the neck or chest area.

The Senator was able to avoid any serious injuries and didn’t require any medical attention. The next section contains details about Ted Cruz’s Family and Moredetails. The relevant social media links are provided below for the news.

Ted Cruz – Father, Mother and Kids

  • Father-Rafael Cruz
  • Mother-Eleanor Elizabeth Wilson
  • Sisters –Miriam Ceferina, Roxana Lourdes
  • Children-Caroline (Two)

Ted Cruz’s Wedding or is he Married?

On 27 May 2001 Senator Ted Cruz married Heidi Nelson. The couple has two beautiful daughters, Catherine Nelson and Caroline Nelson. Other than that, Senator Ted Cruz has no details about his affairs.

Ted Cruz’s Biography

Real Name Rafael Edward Cruz.
Nickname Ted Cruz.
Profession Polititician and attorney
Date of Birth 22.12.1970.
Zodiac Capricorn
Age 51 years.
Birthplace Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Nationality American.
Marital Status Married
Wife ‘s Name Heidi Nelson.
Name of the Partner Heidi Nelson.

Ted’s Religion, Ethnicity, and Nationality

  • Ethnicity– Unknown.
  • Nationality- American.
  • Religion– Christian.

Ted’s Education Qualification & Early Life

  • Schools –Awty International School in Houston; Faith West Academy in Texas; Baptist High School in Houston.
  • College-Princeton University, Harvard Law School.
  • Education Qualification – Bachelor of Arts cum Laude.
  • Career – Legal career (started 1995); U.S. senator (2013 to present).
  • Early life Ted’s parents were Calgary residents during Ted’s childhood. They worked in the oil industry for three years.

Ted’s Height and Date of Birth

  • Height- 5’10”.
  • Age- 51 years.
  • D.O.B. – 22.12.1970.
  • Birthday- 22 December.

Proceedings in the Court of Law regarding the Incident

Sources say that Joseph Arciacono has been charged with Aggravated Assault. As a bond, the judge set a $40,000 amount. The public defender for Joseph later asked for $100 to cover the bond. To help the accused in his legal battles, a person created a Gofundme page.

The page had been viewed nearly $1,000, and the page was later removed from the site. The public defender claimed that the While claw didn’t belong under Texas law as a harmful object, and could injure or kill the opposing party.

T.M.Z. also shared the news updates via Twitter and provided a brief description of the incident.

Social media attention to the Ted Cruz incident

Houston Police posted a tweet detailing the incident on their official Twitter account.

The TWITTER posting states that the H.P.D. A 33-year-old male was arrested by department police during the Texas victory parade. Joseph, the accused, threw a bottle of liquor at Senator Ted Cruz during this parade.

Several news outlets and Twitter users shared videos of the incident after the incident.

Who’s Joseph Halm Arciacono,

Joseph Halm Arciacono, an accused, is accused of throwing a White Claw liquor bottle at Mr. Ted Cruz, an American senator. Joseph Halm Arciacono, a 33-year-old man, is being charged with attempted assault.

For more information on Ted Cruz, visit his LINKEDIN id.

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