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What is exactly?

Joreiw is an online store selling various products like yoga pants, hoodies and wide leg jean trousers. These products are offered at a suspiciously low price. Review 2022: Scam or…

There are many red flags on this website which indicate that it is not a legitimate website. This review would reveal everything you need to know. These were some of the findings: is not the right place to shop

Joreiw has many red flags, and you should avoid shopping on the site. The following are red flags:

Web Design

The website was made in December 2022. It expires December 2023. This shows that it is easily disposable and therefore is not trustworthy.

Customer Complaints

Customers who have purchased products from this store have posted numerous reviews online claiming that it is a fraud. They either didn’t receive what they ordered, or received inferior quality products. All efforts to contact this store for a refund were unsuccessful.

It’s owned by a mysterious company

Joreiw, which is owned by Fadel Betatty Ltd, seems suspicious. However, many negative reviews have been posted online about this company.

It uses a fake email address

Joreiw has posted its contact information on its website at SUITE 10542BALMORAL ESTATEABBEYLANDS SOUTHNAVAN EATHC15DD72IRELAND. But a thorough investigation revealed that this address is linked to several scam online stores. It’s suspicious, and it suggests that is concealing its customers’ information. It is also suspicious, as legitimate stores always post accurate information on their website. This is a warning sign and a sign it is a fraud store.

Suspicious/ Outrageous Discounts

The store’s outrageously low prices are too good to be true. The store also offers a 90% discount.

Poor/No Security, which is not protected with Norton or Mcafee, is considered unsecure. This makes the website vulnerable to hackers, who can steal and modify financial information and customer personal data.

Stolen Contents has taken most of its contents and product images from other online shops.

This is quite common for scam online shops. Although they claim to be original, customers are often sold knockoffs that have been copied and cannot return them.

No Social Media

The Store has no social media handles. This means it is not accessible on any social networking platform. This is suspicious since every online store should have a presence on social media.

Is Scam Or Legit? raises many red flags based on the critical points mentioned above.

The scam website uses low-cost prices to attract customers. They place an order and receive a completely different product or a lower grade than they ordered. Some customers end up with nothing. This is a classic bait and switch scam.

Do you think PayPal will guarantee safe shopping from No! Here’s Why.

PayPal doesn’t guarantee a quick refund these days. Scam online shops often use a fake tracking number. PayPal will see the transaction as complete if this fake tracking number has been entered. Therefore, a chargeback is almost impossible. You can find out how to get your money returned by clicking .

There are 3 things to be aware of when shopping at

You should be aware these three things when you shop at this scam store:

Refusing to Receive Your Package

This is the standard procedure with scam online shops. Your card is debited and you never receive any package.

Receiving an inferior/different product

Receiving a completely different item to what you ordered. This is the classic bait-and-switch scam where you get a different item. An example is when you receive a plastic wardrobe in place of a closet.

Hacking Credit Card

This fraud online store can also take your credit card. You could be charged more for products you don’t have or get your credit card debited. Sometimes they continue deducting money off your credit card.

Conclusion doesn’t appear to be a legitimate online store. It has taken advantage of unsuspecting buyers, and it has a lot of Red Flags. Buyers should be cautious about this store. Online shoppers should verify the Domain age of the online store. If the address has been provided, copy it and paste it into Google. Google map will display if it’s a warehouse or residential building.

Like viviizstores, alien-tees galacmart and other suspicious websites customers didn’t receive the items ordered. Instead, they received a cheaper item or nothing.

If you were scammed, do this!

Have you been scammed? Here are some tips if your identity has been stolen.

Your bank should be contacted to complain and also request a new card. For future reference, you can keep a picture of any transactions made via Paypal.

While online shopping is a great way to make life easier, it is important to exercise caution when ordering items online. The following information should be reviewed before ordering from an online shop.

The website age, A return adress, Customer Reviews, and its social media presence.

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