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Joe Rogan Cobalt Mining (Today Update) – More information?

The following article is intended to give information about Joe Rogan Cobalt Mining and its dangers.

Are you familiar with the Joe Rogan Show? Joe Rogan’s guest told the public the brutal truth behind Cobalt mining in “The Joe Rogan experience.”

People from Canada the United States, Australia and other countries are interested in finding out what the guest was discussing and whether he was right about it. Continue reading to find out more about Joe Rotgan Cobalt mining.

What’s the scoop on Joe Rogan’s talk show?

Joe Rogan interviewed Siddhartha Kar, his guest, about the dark side to Cobalt Mining, as well as the truth behind it. He exposes the truth about Cobalt mining and the hardships that the Congolese are experiencing while working in the Cobalt Mines.

He stated that everything is marketing and that all Congo Mines depend on slavery and child labour.

Why is Cobalt Mining So Dangerous?

Cobalt Mining improves violence, mental, and physical well-being of miners. It also helps with water and food insecurity in Congo and substance abuse.

The marketing and increased demand for Cobalt have caused Congolese to face issues with their homes, farms and communal land. These were all taken by miners who dug them up to extract Cobalt. Sometimes, these people have to cross international boundaries to buy food in Zambia.

How did people react to Joe Rogan Cobalt Mining podcast?

After the show was released, people began sharing and tweeting about the topic on social media. In a matter of seconds, the topic gained worldwide attention. People thanked Siddharth for speaking out against abuse and for highlighting the important topic.

People often ask for alternatives to the device they have.

Final Verdict

Siddharth told the truth on the Podcast , and this is probably because of the high demand for the technology.

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