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Joblur (Today Update) – Check Scam Or Legit!

Are you looking for work? Are you looking for work? Have you seen the Joblur website. Are you trying to determine if it is a scam? This review will help you learn more about

What is Joblur?

Joblur is a phishing and fraud operation that pretends to be a job search site. Users who apply for a job posting will have their contact and personal information sold to scammers, telemarketers, and spammers. Many users have posted negative reviews about the site, complaining of receiving spam and phishing emails after entering their email and phone number.

There is currently a redditconversation on the site and why it isn’t trustworthy. You can also find reviews from others.


It is obvious that Joblur is an phishing website. As such, we don’t recommend it.

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