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Je Validemonnina Com (Today update) – Check more details?

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Have you applied for MaliNational Identity Card? After reaching 18 years old, are you planning to apply for one? Are you looking to correct any errors on your National Identity Card? was a website that stated “soon the beginning of the special correction operation to obtain your national biometric identification card”. Let’s now verify the authenticity of Je Validemonnina Com.

The government of Mali has not yet provided any information about registering at in order to begin the corrections process on your National Identity Card. The reason is that the Mali National Identity Card can only be issued by Malian embassies or general consulates abroad to Malians.

To apply for a National Identity Card, you must be 18 years of age. To verify your identity, you must provide the following certificates and a photograph to Je Validemonnina Com.

A police officer will take your fingerprints and record your complete address. The National Identity Card will then be laminated and issued after verification. The Mali National Identity Card is not biometric. The application process was also tedious.’s Legitimacy:, which was registered in France on 7th December 2022, was launched 27 days prior. Jevalidemonnina expires its registration in eleven months and three more days on 7th December 2023. received a terrible 1% trust score and a zero Alexa or Domain Authority score. was identified as a source for spam. It used an unsecure HTTP connection. The IP address, which belonged to Je Validemonnina Com did not have SSL certification.

Jevalidemonnina owners’ identities and contact information are not revealed. does not contain any information about customer service or privacy policies. It is not known if the company is associated with the Mali government.’s features: has not yet started providing services. will soon be hosting a landing page that explains that online applications can be made to correct the National Identity Card.

The manual process for applying for a National Identity Card has been valid to this point. To initiate corrections, the Mali government did not send any notifications.

Malians who are residing abroad must visit the general consulates or Malian embassies in their country and meet with an interview Research Directorate to apply for corrections and updates to their National Identity Card.

Social media does not appear on social media.

Conclusion: scam, unless Mali government insures it. It is uses an unsecured HTTP protocol, its IP has no SSL certification, It is registered in France. was identified to be a spam source. It has a low trust score, and a very short life expectancy. is a zero Domain score and Alexa rank.

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