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Itemisinwaiting Scam text (Today update) – Read more about it?

Have you received a text message from 312-339-1227 containing an “Item in waiting” text and a link to This review will explain why you should be cautious about such texts containing links to

What is Itemisinwaiting Scam?

Scammers send you fraudulent text messages claiming that an item is in the waiting. They want to steal your personal information to use to scam you. These fraudulent messages claim that the recipient has a package in waiting for confirmation. The email contains links which you will be asked to click. These links are actually scammers’ attempts to steal personal information from people who don’t know. However, the link links to other phishing sites that trick victims and hack their personal information. Clicking on these links will send your information to scammers, who may use it fraudulently. Reviews 2022 – Scam O…

Itemisinwaiting Text can contain viruses, spywares and malwares that are harmful to computers and can hack or destroy devices. The scammers are looking to “prey on elderly people and young people seeking a job” and convincing them to give their identity away to gain control over their data.

Itemisinwaiting Text Format

Parcel Tracking: Hello, your package containing tracking # 7367288SS2 is waiting for confirmation on the shipping destination:

Other similar mails may come from other sources. It is possible to get them in different forms. If you do, delete the email and notify others so that they don’t become victims.

Visitors are asked to pay a fee on the phishing site. The website will ask for personal and financial information to make the payment. Once the information is submitted, it will then be sent to scammers who will use it fraudulently.

It is best to delete these texts.


The Itemisinwaiting text is clearly a phishing scam. Users should not click the link if they get such message.

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