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Is Dd Osama Death Or Alive (Today update) – What Happened To Him?

Is Dd Osama Alive or Dead? This is the place to find all the answers. Please keep checking in with us.

Are you a fan of Dd Osama? After launching Dead Opps, in July 2022 he became a well-known teen singer. However, many of his fans in America, Canada, Australia, Australia, Germany and elsewhere want to know whether Dd Osama has died or is still living. On various websites, his death news became a trending topic. Today, we’ll discuss whether this is real news or a fake update. Keep scrolling down until the end.

Dd Osama Death Rumors

Dd Osama recently released “Without You” a new track and people started to share false news about his death. Osama lost his younger brother Notti Osama on July 9, 2022. According to online sources he was stabbed in a fight between two brothers. The police took him to the hospital, but he was declared dead. Osama created “Without You”, a new song, in memory of his brother. He said that everything he did was for Notti.

Notti OSAMA: What Happened To Him?

Notti was Dd Osama’s younger brother. He was 14 and featured in Dd Osama’s music video. Dead Opps was Notti’s favorite music video. Unfortunately, the joy of the brothers had been taken away by an untimely event. Online sources indicate that Notti Osama was killed in a fight with another boy. Dd and Notti got into a fight on July 9, 2022. The result was tragic. Notti was also killed. In addition, the suspect was charged with first degree murder.

His Parents and Other Updates!

We will be looking at some personal details of Notti Obama in this section. The internet sources do not provide many details about Notti Osama as he began to gain attention in a short time. You should continue reading this section for some important updates.

Real Name Ethan Reyes
Popular Name Notti Osama
Age 14 years
Father’s Name Not Available
Name of mother Not available
Siblings Dd Osama
Causes of Death Murder (being stabbed in a fight)
Net Worth Unavailable
Date of death July 9, 2022
Killer Kelvin Martinez
Girlfriend Niyah

We hope these details are not necessary in order to find out more about Notti Olsama, the younger brother to rapper Dd Osama. Dd shared on Instagram that his brother does everything.


In conclusion, this post has redundant information on Dd ( Notti Osama). This story has been covered by many news channels. A meet-and-greet function is also scheduled for January 13, 2023 at Avondale Music Hall, at 8 p.m.

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