Is Daejanae Jackson Arrested (Nov2022) Khalil Cooke, Is He In Jail?

You are looking for the most recent information on the Shanquella Robinson case? The case has been opened by the Autopsy Report. Investigators are exploring other possibilities that could have lead to her death. Social media users in the United States are closely following Shanquella Robinson’s death and discussing it with them. Most of them want justice.

Daejanae is the main accused in this case. She was seen in a leaked video fighting Shanquella. Daejanae Jack Arrested This post has all the latest information about this mysterious death.

Has Police Arrested Daejanae Jackson?

After the Autopsy report, the FBI opened the Shanquella Robinson case. Shanquella Robinson died while on vacation in Cabo, Mexico with her friends. According to Shanquella’s friends, Shanquella was intoxicated when the group set off for Cabo, Mexico on 28 October 2022.

According to the Autopsy report, her spine and neck were fractured. No alcohol was found in her blood. Social media leaked a video showing Robinson being beaten by Daejanae. Mexico police requested the extradition Daejanae. She might be arrested very soon.

Arrest Made In Shanquella Robinson Case:

Shanquella’s death certificate stated that excessive movement of the uppermost vertebrate caused severe spinal cord injury, resulting in death. The death certificate of Shanquella also stated that the injury occurred 15 minutes after the injury.

Some media reports claim that the Mexican prosecutor said that he was working with the United States as well as Mexico’s foreign offices to extradite the suspect. The suspect was arrested on the grounds that he died in direct assault by the aggressor.

According to the Attorney General of Mexico, a warrant was issued for the femicide offense.

Khalil CookeIs He In Jail?

Shanquella, along with six friends, went on vacation on 28 October. She was found dead the following day on 29 October 2022. Robinson was also accompanied by a close friend Khalil Cooke on the Mexico trip. Her mother said that he was most often with her family, who have known him for five years.

Khalil called Salamondra 29 October to inform them her daughter was very ill from alcohol poisoning. She also brought her luggage home from Mexico. The names of suspects in the death investigation have not been released by the police.

Who are Daejanae?

Daejanae Jackson was a friend to Shanquella Robinson’s and went with her on a Mexico trip. She is also the main suspect in the Shanquella murder case. In a leaked video, she was seen fighting with Shanquella.

Name Deajha Nacolee Jackson
Nickname Dejanae Imami Jackson
Year Of Birth 1996-97
Age 26 years (approx.
Net worth Not known
Nationality American
Qualification Graduate
Ethnicity Afro-American
Religion Christian
Birthplace Charlotte, North Carolina
Address 3023 Sherrill Ave, Jamestown, NC 27282
Profession Healthcare
Height 5 feet six inch
Weight 68 kg

Daejanae Jack Arrested , Social Media Reactions?

This death case has taken a new turn thanks to the autopsy report and viral video by Daejanae. #justiceforshanquella is trending on Twitter, and netizens are seeking justice for the deceased girl. Many believe that the internet played a part in this case’s reopening.

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