Is Bruce Willis Really Dead (Nov2022) Bruce Willis Is Still Alive?

Fake news about Bruce Willis’ sudden death was spread via Facebook and other social media platforms. The viral news shocked his Worldwide fans. What was the reason for the spread of this news? What was the motivation for spreading the news? What are the potential benefits of spreading this news?

This article will provide exclusive facts about how the web scam was orchestrated in relation to Is Bruce Willis Really Deceased?


Bruce Willis Is Still Alive?

Bruce is still alive and well. We were able to access his official social media accounts on Facebook, TikTok and Instagram which contained the most recent posts from Bruce. It indicated that Bruce was still alive. A public announcement about his ill health or death has not been made on his official social media accounts nor Wikipedia pages. His family and his manager have not confirmed his death.

Scam: Fake news regarding Bruce’s death

The news was published by several questionable websites, including and These articles questioned Is Bruce Willis Still a Living. These websites did not undergo any verification before publishing the hoax. This raises questions about whether the news was deliberately published.

The links were then shared extensively on Facebook, specifically on the “FarmVille 2: Active Players Country Escape” fan page. These pages were about the role-playing Android game FarmVille 2. It appeared that the pages were about the role-playing Android game FarmVille 2. The details of the game’s characters revealed that there were 12 characters. None of them had the name Bruce.

Content from a Facebook post about Is Bruce Willis Really Deceased :

The Facebook pages shared Bruce’s picture, and condoled his passing on 17 November 2022. The pages on Facebook provided links to pages from the websites previously mentioned. The news quickly spread on the same day with many other Facebook users sharing similar news, links and posts. The news about Bruce’s passing is fake.

The plot to make viral news about Bruce’s death:

Many people, including Bruce’s friends, clicked on the links in Facebook posts to learn more about Bruce’s tragic death. After reading Is Bruce Willis Really Deceased, the website directed users to download flash player from a third party website. These websites could be trying to install malware onto users’ computers, it suggested.


Bruce Wills, 67, was born on March 19, 1955. He is still in good health. His death has become viral because of a scheme to install malware on users’ computers. Users felt an urgency to read more about Bruce’s passing. Users’ curiosity leads to them ignoring threats from the internet and diverting their attention away from viral news.

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