Is Alan Jackson Still Living (Nov2022) Is Alan Jackson Death?

Social media went viral in the third week after fake news about Alan Jackson’s death spread via social media. After hearing about Alan’s death, his fans in Australia, Canada and the United States were shocked. Our analysis revealed that viral news was a part of an elaborate scam, most likely orchestrated by one scammer.

Let’s find out the scam related to Is Alan Jackson Still a Livinghoax.

Is Alan Jackson Death?

Yes, Alan is still alive and well. The latest tweet from Alan’s Twitter account was posted 15 hours ago (as at writing). We have provided links to Alan’s official website and social media pages. However, there was no official confirmation of his death. His family, friends and manager didn’t notify him about his death or hospitalization.

Alan is aware of viral internet posts. To date, however, he has not responded to questions about Is Alan Jackson Really Deceased? Fans were also concerned about his health, as he was suffering Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease (CMT), which affects the peripheral nerves outside of the main nervous system. CMT was first diagnosed in Alan around ten years ago.

It is not known what caused Alan to ignore you.

Viral death news is a big fraud:

Initial publication of the news about Alan’s passing was on 15 November 2022. It was published on several websites including and, and These links were then shared on Facebook’ FarmVille 2: Active Players Country Escape’ fanpage. The posts were then shared by FB users.

Is Alan Jackson Still Living?

Yes, Alen is still alive. Several websites, as we mentioned, published fake news about Bruce Willis’s death between the 15th and 17th November. The picture that was posted to condole Bruce Willis’s passing was re-used to condole Alan Jacksons’s death, but it was tagged with links back to the websites mentioned earlier. Later, the picture was altered.

It was further confirmed that fake news is being posted by some members of the FarmVille 2 Active Players group. The news about Bruce Willis’s passing on 17 November was shared by the ‘FarmVille 2 Active Players’ group. Is Alan Jackson Still a Living? It is unclear if anyone is connected to the above websites or the ‘FarmVille 2 Active Players’ Facebook group.

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