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How to make your Fortnite Tracker Private? Check out complete information here!

How to make your Fortnite Tracker Private

How to make your Fortnite Tracker Private

This app lets you keep the track of Fortnite’s progression. Fortnite Tracker is sure to be your ideal companion! There’s no better companion that Fortnite Tracker! It provides all the data you require about your character and team members in Battle Royale.


It is possible to play online in a group with other players. Epic Games created it in July of 2017 and is extremely well-known. Three game types that you can pick between: Battle Royale and Creative. Fortnite Battle Royale allows you to compete with 100 other players for no cost. The game comes with a huge map as well as a battlebus, the ability to build skills , and destroyed environments. The person who finishes first is the winner. You can join forces with four other players to take on Husks, defend mission objectives and create fortifications, defenses and fortifications in Save the World mode.

Battle Royale and Creative can be played on Playstation 4, Xbox One and Apple iOS. Save the World can only be played on either a PC or console.

Battle Royale games

The genre of video games is named in honor of the 2000 film Battle Royale. Battle royale online games mix the elements of survival with exploration and scavenging, creating an exciting game which can be played till the very end.

Battle royale games involve hundreds of players with a minimal amount of equipment. The players must take out their adversaries to stay in a smaller “safe area.”

Statistics taken from Fortnite Tracker.

They are the best trackers for Fortnite. They are available on which is home to the most precise and fast trackers. This site is designed for everyone playing Fortnite. You will be able to access all stats and much more on the website specifically designed for players. users are able to view vital information about found missions when you sign in and utilize our latest tools for tracking.

You’ll need to an eye on and record a variety of things during this game. For instance how many opponents you killed with certain weapons , or how many times you fell at a specific location.

You can look at the details of your Fortnite profile to check how many kills and games you’ve played. You can also determine where you are in the rankings. Unfortunately, these are the only figures you’ll ever be able to see.

Have a look at games modes

It is easy to observe your performance Solos or Duos, as well as Squads. You can also compare yourself to other players through games.

The history of the match

It is possible to observe your performance during the most recent games and also your overall performance.

Live Match

You could, for instance participate in a match and check the statistics of your team members in the current match. It’s never been simpler to know your chances to win.

How can you modify Fortnite’s settings for privacy

Your Fortnite statistics should be made public in order for them to be displayed through the Fortnite Tracker and also hidden by other websites.

It can be used to monitor how far you’ve come over the course of time, or to show off your accomplishments your friends. It’s essential to look over your Fortnite statistics.

You can check your stats when you turn on a particular setting. What can you do to achieve this?

1# Open Fortnite Settings in the Game.

2nd: Scroll down to the bottom of the page, and then go through”Account and Privacy” section “Account and privacy” section.

33. Select “Gameplay Privacy” at bottom of the page.

4. Make your profile accessible through selecting “Show on Career Leaderboard”.

5# To keep it private switch it off.

Fortnite Tournament makes it impossible to share your data with anyone else.

Now you’re ready to go. It’s time to party!

Troubleshooting the Fortnite Tracker App

While playing the game, the overlay does not appear on my screen.

There are several methods to accomplish this:

Install the app even if the game is currently running. Fortnite may not be functioning. Stop the game and start Overwolf. Begin the game over again.

Make sure that Overwolf’s overlay settings are turned on for Fortnite. This will make sure that the overlay is working in Fortnite.

The app isn’t working for me because of the latest patch. Why?

Sometimes, the Epic API must be temporarily shut down , or the Overwolf team must re-enable the API in the event of an update. You can determine whether the app is experiencing issues or is in order by accessing the app.


Fortnite is not equipped with its own tracking information. We’re trying hard to find out the reason. Fortnite hasn’t been listening to millions of players who would like to see more statistics for the game. But, it’s been proved that these players are getting their voices heard. The information is not accessible in Fortnite’s site. This is an odd mistake. Third-party tracker sites that are available online can assist you in keeping the track of your performance and boost your the performance of your game.



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