How to Handle Student Debt Before Marriage (Nov2022) Prioritize High-Interest Debt First

It is important to understand the impact debt can have on your marriage. You will have an impact on your financial future as well as the personal finances of your spouse if you marry someone with student loan debt.

If you have student loan debt, it may be difficult to manage. Higher student loan payments can have an effect on your budget.

This could also impact future financial milestones such as buying a house, a new car, or starting a family.

No matter your financial situation, you need to work together. It’s better to pay off student loans before you get married.

It is important to work together when dealing with student loans and marriage. It is important to develop a strategy to help you get ahead of your debt. This will make your life easier in the long-term.

Are Spouses Eligible for Student Loan Payments

Student loans and any debt incurred prior to a couple’s marriage are considered “individual property” which is the sole responsibility of the spouse who obtained it. This debt can’t be forced on the spouse who has it.

A cosigner agreement between you and your spouse is another example. It doesn’t matter if you borrowed the loans before or after your marriage. Both of you will be equally responsible for student debt.

But things could get complicated if your spouse takes out student loans on their own after you have married.

Because each state has its own rules regarding what is considered common property, the details of who owns student loans taken out after marriage are different.

Students debts acquired during a marriage may be considered marital property if you live in a state that is community property.

Your credit score or credit history file will not be affected by the credit history of your spouse once you are married.

You don’t need to worry about student loans affecting credit scores of your spouse. These student loans will not be reported by your spouse to the credit bureau.

Only exceptions are if your spouse has joint debts, accounts, or co-signed college loans.

This situation will show both your credit reports.

A marriage may be affected by financial difficulties

Couples continue to struggle with financial difficulties, regardless of whether they are married. No matter how much you love one another, managing life together can be difficult.

If your student debt exceeds $14,000 (which is the minimum public institution certification debt), then it will be relatively simple for you and your significant other to pay that debt off if it is the only one.

However, if you take $36,000 as an example, which is the average tuition amount for a bachelor’s in private universities, getting married with that amount of debt will be difficult.

It is easy to see why marrying someone who owes student loans puts you at greater risk of marital problems. But debt is not the only reason for contention between you, your husband.

You must resolve any friction caused by your financial decisions. Financial disputes can arise if you and your spouse are both savers.

Your marriage will suffer more if you have to deal with more problems over the years. It is important to approach marriage without worrying about financial worries or debts.

Strategies to Pay Off Student Debt

These tips will help you pay off your debt quicker.

Prioritize High-Interest Debt First

Prioritize paying down higher-interest debts such as credit card balances and credit cards before you make payments on student loans.

Regular payments, no matter how modest

Even if your monthly payment is the minimum, regular payments will keep your business in good standing and can give you power to negotiate your loans.

It is important to pay the right amount. This shows that you are trustworthy and a reliable client.

Take into consideration your repayment options

If your spouse has student loan debt that is too high to pay more or meet regular obligations, they may be eligible for a federal-income-driven repayment plan. This will allow you to make payments at a portion of your income and extend the loan term.

You may have other options than the standard 10-year payment plan. Talking with your lender can help you do more than disappear from the map.


Consider refinancing your debt to a new loan at a lower rate if you and your spouse are eligible.

This is the best private loan for students. Refinances of federal student loans can result in them losing their repayment options and the chance to be forgiven. Refinance applicants must have a steady income and a high credit score of at least 600.


It doesn’t matter if you are worried about student loans, or your future ability to qualify for mortgage financing. Talking to your spouse about money before you get married is a smart idea.

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