How to fix an error in Spotify login. Explore all the details here!

There are times when Spotify does not permit users to sign in to their account, even though you have a valid account username and password. This can be challenging, especially when the app blocks users out. There are many ways to resolve this issue using Android We’ll discuss the steps in the following.

How do I sign into Spotify using my Correct Password?

Check Your Login Details

First, make sure that you’re using the right login screen. If you’ve setup your Spotify account using the help of an Apple account or Facebook account, then click “Log in with Facebook as well as your Apple account, click ” Log in using Facebook” or ” Log in using Apple”. If, however, you set up your account with the traditional method using an additional account name and password then click ” Login.”

If you’re moving to a different country, you need to go to your account page and change the settings for your country. If you try connecting from another country, you could experience login problems. You can sign up on Spotify within the same country you signed for, or change your settings to your country. If you can’t edit your settings, contact Spotify support.

Reset Your Password

If you signed up with Facebook but you have deleted your account, it’s imperative to restore your Spotify password. Make use of this reset account page to enter your email address associated with your FB account. Follow the instructions to establish the new password to your account. You can also sign up for Spotify.

If you’re receiving an error message that says you’re using a password reset hyperlink that isn’t working or was previously utilized to change your password make use of your reset button Incognito Mode.

Update the App

Make sure you’re running the latest Spotify version on your Android device. Start the Play Store app, search for Spotify and select Update to update the application. Reboot your device, and confirm whether you’re able to connect today.

Clear the Cache

In the case of the amount of files that are junk on your computer may stop you from accessing Spotify. Clean up the cache and verify if this solution is working for you.

Select Settings Select Settings and then Apps Browse through the All apps and select Spotify. Select the Storage option after which click on clear the cache option.

Select Settings, then Settings, then Storage and clean all junk files off of your device.

Reinstall Spotify

If the issue continues, take out Spotify and then reboot your device. Return to Play Store then install the application again. If you find that the app is damaged, reinstalling it will fix the issue of login.

Remove Third-Party App Access

If you’ve connected Spotify to other programs visit the Apps section and select the Remove Access button. It is also possible to go to the settings for your application and choose “Connect to apps” and then disconnect Spotify from applications which are hosted by third parties.

Determine if blocking application access resolved the problem.


If you’re not able to sign in to your Spotify account even though you’ve used the correct password and username You must reset your password, and then upgrade the app. Additionally, you must clear the cache of the app, and block access to third-party apps for Spotify. If the issue remains present, then you can reinstall the app. Are you having issues when logging into Spotify? Let us know about it in the comment section below.

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