How Do I Move Past Trauma (Dec2022) How can you tell if you are traumatized?

What is Trauma?

Trauma is an emotional response to an awful event such as a rape, abuse or relationship abuse, loss, or natural disaster. Trauma is often experienced immediately after an event. Unpredictable emotions, flashbacks and strained relationships are all common long-term reactions.

What are the different types of Trauma?

  • A single incident can cause acute trauma.
  • Chronic trauma refers to repeated, prolonged trauma such as domestic violence and abuse.
  • Complex trauma refers to exposure to multiple and varied traumatic events, many of which are often of an intrusive, interpersonal nature.

What is Trauma?

  • Domestic violence
  • The death of a close friend.
  • Natural disaster
  • War
  • Sexual violence, rape and/or harassment.
  • Severe illness or injury.

What Trauma does for you

Trauma can increase your vulnerability to developing mental health problems. Trauma can also lead to post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). To cope with emotional and difficult memories, some people resort to drugs, alcohol, or self-harm. Trauma can cause problems in your everyday life, depending on how it affects you.

How can you tell if you are traumatized?

Suffering from extreme fear, anxiety, depression. Incapable of building close and satisfying relationships. Flashbacks, nightmares, and terrifying memories. You should avoid any reminders of trauma.

How can you heal from trauma?

Although it can be difficult to recover from trauma, it is possible. Self-care and self compassion are the best and most reliable ways to heal from trauma. These are some ways to move past trauma.

  • Talk about the Event. After a trauma event, you may want to stay away from things that might remind you of it and not talk about it. Research has shown that talking about the event can make you more resilient. People feel worse if they avoid memories and emotions.
  • Feel your emotions. It is important to feel your feelings and accept them in order to heal from trauma. There may be times when you feel angry or other difficult emotions.
  • Meditation is a well-proven method of healing. Mindfulness is a way to live life mindfully. It allows you to be present for all things, from your thoughts and emotions to the physical state of your body. This can help relieve stress.
  • Get involved: It has been shown that engaging your brain in artistic and creative endeavors can improve psychological and physiological outcomes.
  • Support your loved ones. For support, identify friends and family members.
  • Spending too much on your own is not a wise decision.
  • Take care of yourself
  • Be patient with your self.

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