HilyMall.com Reviews (Today Update) – How do we know?

  • Hilymall.com, a relatively new website, offers exquisite furniture pieces and home decor pieces at very affordable prices. Their authenticity is however questionable.

    You’ve probably thought about purchasing fancy furniture, organizers and room accessories, but you didn’t realize how expensive it all is.

    You are likely to fall for trendy accessories and furniture at lower prices on websites like these. Avoid falling for scams that offer low-priced online shops.

    HilyMall is it the store you want or a scam? Find out more by reading the following.

    What’s Hilymall.com all about?

    Hilymall.com, an online retailer that sells trendy accessories, is available. This online store sells accessories for your home.

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    What is the secret to their success?

    HilyMall makes it easy to order. You can have your order shipped anywhere within the US. You can choose the products you want from their website and add them to your shopping cart. Before you checkout, apply vouchers if you have them.

    If your order exceeds $60 , HilyMall will send you a complimentary shipment. Your debit/credit card, or your Paypalaccount can be used to pay. They don’t offer Cash on Delivery.

    To get a full refund, you can cancel your order within 48-hours of it being confirmed. After an order has been shipped, it cannot be cancelled.

    You can also return damaged or incomplete orders within 30 days. Only one condition: the item must not be used. Or the company will not refund the return shipping costs.

    Is it a legitimate brand? How do we know?

    You can find out if a website is trustworthy by reading what customers have to say.

    Surprisingly, there are zero reviews on official websites. This is a strong indication of suspicion.

    Some sources paint a negative picture of the website. However, this could be an attempt by competitors to get a dirty trick.

    HilyMall is not on any blacklist, so it may not be appropriate to label them as a fraud. However, the trust index for this website is very low. This alarming scam detection rate is 24.6 percent out of 100. It could also be due to low traffic and unpopularity of the website.

    HilyMall ‘s HTTPS is secured, but WhoIS informs us that the identity of the person is not verified and that there is no contact information. WHOIS gives us information about who is responsible for a specific domain. They are also not visible on social media.

    Many websites offering unrealistic discounts are bogus. HilyMall’s offer of products at huge discounts makes it suspicious. They don’t offer Cash on Delivery, which makes them hard to trust.

    Their return policy is also a bit unrealistic. It takes 30 days for refunds to be processed.

    Although the offers are tempting and the photos are appealing, most indications lead us to believe that the site is a fraud.

    HilyMall Shopping: The Pros and Con’s

    There are pros and cons to almost everything. Let’s take a look at what HilyMall.com has to offer.

    • All products at affordable prices
    • All orders over $60 qualify for free shipping
    • If the product is returned unopened, full refunds will be given
    • Poor customer service
    • They don’t ship outside the United States
    • Websites that are not popular

    What are the opinions of customers?

    Surprisingly, there are not any reviews on HilyMall’s official website. This is because there is no section for customer feedback or reviews. Strange, isn’t it?

    We have seen low customer ratings on other websites. This is an average rating of 2.8 stars. Many people are very disappointed, as they claim that they have never received their products.

    HilyMall customers were unable contact the team after placing orders. They were charged for products that they did not receive.

    Customers call them scammers and fraudsters, and they are pissed off. Customers are even pissed off and claim the store isn’t real. They also claim the website is being used to steal money.

    We recommend HilyMall to our customers.

    All these factors make it clear that HilyMall, like many other websites, is a fraud. You can still place an order even after seeing all the red flags.

    If you’ve ever shopped at HilyMall.com, please let us know your thoughts. Your feedback will help thousands of people make the right decision.

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