Ipad Pro (Today update) – How can you avoid being scammed?

You received a message stating that your phone number was randomly selected to receive an iPad PRO, and asking you to take part in a survey. Are you curious to know if it is a scam? This is the place for you. This review will tell you more about Ipad PRO Scam

What is the Ipad Pro Scam?

Scammers send out the Ipad Pro Scam email to scammers. It contains a link to a fake website and a link to their scam site. First, the email thanks you for being loyal to Groupme and then it asks you to join a loyalty program. Reviews 2022 – SCAM! 

It was distributed by scammers in September 2022. This email scam Ipad Pro is not an official giveaway, contest or promotion. Scammers are sending it.

Many people have complained about this scam online. There is an ongoing discussion on Quora about the IpadPro Scam. Ipad Pro Scam Format

This is the usual format of the Ipad Pro Scam:

We are grateful for your loyalty to Groupme. Randomly selected, your phone number will be given a FREE iPad PRO. We occasionally select a few Groupme users to offer them valuable gifts from our sponsors and partners. This is how we thank you for using Groupme. Today is your lucky day. This gift will be sent to you by one of 10 randomly chosen users. You will receive your gift by completing our anonymous survey. Don’t delay! Only a few gifts are available right now!

How can you avoid being scammed?

You should not answer such calls or emails. It is important to verify that the email comes from a company and not @gmail. If the number is not a company number, write it down and ask them. It’s better to drop the call than engage the person. Do not click on any links in the email. Don’t respond to it. To verify the legitimacy of the company, check online reviews. You can report if it involves PayPal. Don’t reveal personal information such as credit card numbers, social security numbers or personal ids. You can also download anti-spam apps to your phone.


It is obvious that the Ipad Pro Scam a phishing scheme as shown in the above. Be safe and avoid clicking on any links or following the scam page. These scammers are trying to steal your financial and personal information.

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