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Google’s AI Chatbot Bard had an inaccurate response in public demo!

Google's AI Chatbot Bard

Google's AI Chatbot Bard

Google, the tech giant well known for its search engine, and other technological innovations held a recent demo of its AI chatbot Bard. Unfortunately, the demo was marred with an inaccurate response by the chatbot, raising concerns among tech professionals and the public. This article will examine what went wrong, and what the future holds for Google’s AI chatbot.

Introduction to Google’s AI Chatbot Bard

Google’s AI chatbot Bard, an artificial intelligence system designed to have natural language conversations with users, was created by Google. The chatbot was designed to demonstrate Google’s advances in AI and to show people what the technology could do.

Bard’s response to a question from a user was incorrect during the public demo. This embarrassment caused for some time and raised doubts about the reliability of AI technology.

What went wrong during Google’s AI chatbot Bard’s public demonstration?

Bard was asked by a user a question regarding a topic during the demonstration. The chatbot’s reply was not only inaccurate, but also offensively and inappropriate. The chatbot’s incorrect response caused an uproar among tech professionals and the general public. Many began to question AI technology’s reliability and Google’s ability create an AI chatbot.

While it’s not clear exactly what caused Bard to give an incorrect response, some experts believe that it could have been due to the chatbot using biased data as its language model. This could have resulted in the chatbot giving an inaccurate response based on what it was given.

What’s the next step for Google’s AI chatbot?

Google has not given up on its AI chatbots and artificial intelligence projects, despite Bard’s embarrassing response. The tech giant is still working on its AI technology, and is determined to make an AI chatbot that’s both reliable and useful.

Google is also taking steps towards addressing the problem of biased data in its AI-language models. The company is developing new AI training methods that will eliminate bias and help ensure that chatbots, and other AI systems, can produce accurate and appropriate responses.


Google’s AI chatbot Bard didn’t respond to the public demo. This raised concerns among tech professionals and the general public.

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