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Globalization Partners is a global employer-of-record (EoR), for foreign workers. Globalization Partners employs employees to manage payroll, pay local taxes, comply with regulatory requirements, and other tasks. Globalization Partners offers services in 187 countries and is ideal for companies that want to expand into global markets. Globalization Partners provides a monthly contract package starting at $49 per worker for those who need to hire and pay global contractor. They also offer individual EoR and global recruitment services at individual rates. Real-world customers also praise and show Globalization Partners reviews their customer service.

What’s great about them?

  • Local compliance and tax assistance
  • Payroll services available in 187 countries
  • PEO and EoR are available
  • Excellent customer support
What is not available

  • Pricing is not always transparent
  • Two months’ prepayment of payroll required
  • There are no learning management programs
  • important factor
  • It is easy to use
  • Although end-to-end platforms can be used easily, they require an understanding of how to pay foreign workers.

G-P’s Price:

  • GP Contractor: Starting at $49/month per contractor
  • This includes tools to manage, hire, and pay international contractors.
  • GP Recruitment
  • This solution allows you to access recruitment specialists who can help you source qualified candidates at key locations around the globe.
  • Global Employment Platform
  • Pricing can be customized and includes full access our global platform for hiring to manage your HR processes and payroll.
  • Customer service:
  • Globalization Partners offers a highly responsive support team and clients have access to their HR professionals worldwide and nationally 24 hours a day.

Why they are a Recommendation Globalization Partner?

Globalization Partners headquarters has the fastest growing women-led business in Boston, U.S.A. Globalization Partners boasts a 98% customer satisfaction rating. We compared its capabilities to other providers of EoR services and found it to be a powerful offering that can help businesses manage their international workforce. They offer payroll and recruitment services in around 190 countries. This makes them a one-stop shop with all the tools needed to support global contractors and employees. Increase. While pricing is largely customized, companies that expand overseas will benefit from the global reach and services offered by the company.

Globalization Partners is the best choice for the following:

  • Companies that operate in other countries
  • Globalization Partners makes it easy to hire talent in 187 countries without having to open an international office. Our global workforce also benefits from our payroll and tax administration services. Globalization Partners is our top-rated international payroll service for international compliance and protection.
  • ADP TotalSource customers who wish to hire support staff abroad:
  • ADP TotalSource is your Domestic Professional Employers Organization (PEO). If you need to send international workers or hire local staff for a project, you can also work with a globalization partner. It should be easy to switch between the two companies now that they are in partnership.

Why not to recommend a globalization partnership

Companies needing career development or training services

  • Globalization Partners doesn’t offer training or learning and developing capabilities. Rippling is an option if you are looking for this feature. Rippling is a platform with many features, including learning management and international payments tools for contractors.

Domestic companies

  • Globalization Partners can help you with your international hiring and payroll requirements. It might be more costly than the country’s PEO, and may even be unnecessary. Our Best HRIS Software Buyer’s Guide will help you find the best HRIS software for your company and all employees in America. Our top picks for payroll solutions are available to assist you.

Only contractors are employed by companies

  • Globalization partners can manage international payroll for contractors. However, there are also more affordable services. Remote is a good option. As of the writing, we offer a contractor-only package with a payroll costing $29 per month.

Companies with tight budgets need global payroll

  • Papaya Global is a reliable and valuable service. Our international payroll provider rates are very competitive at $20 per employee.

Pricing for Globalization Partners

Since the last update:

Globalization Partners plans are affordable. However, Globalization Partners has set aside a start-up cost for his G-P Contractor solution. This is $49 per contractor per month.

G-P Contractor is an ideal solution for companies that need to hire international contractors for short- or long-term projects. This solution is available at a monthly cost of $49 for each employee and allows you to hire contractors in 187 different countries.

For additional modules (G-P Recruitment and G-P Employee), you will need to contact the sales team of the vendor. A representative will meet with you to discuss your requirements and provide pricing information. Globalization Partners pricing is dependent on many factors. These include the country and employee salaries. It is important to fully understand all factors before you sign any deal.

Features – Globalization Partners

Globalization Partners acts as an EoR and dashboard. This means that you have legal responsibilities when managing international employees.

While they are great at providing services for onboarding and payroll, it is important to remember that the hiring organisation still has responsibility for mentoring, training and performance management. These are just a few of the key features.

  • Payroll
  • Benefits
  • Hiring and Onboarding
  • Compliance-focused HR
  • PEO Software
  • ADP TotalSource is partnered
  • Globalization Partner’s Ease to Use
  • Help with setup
  • Local experts are a dedicated group
  • Website is easy to use
  • Customer support available 24/7, all year
  • Training articles
  • Specialists in-country

Globalization Partners tries to make it easy for international employees to be hired, onboarded, and maintained. It is an EoR and can handle many tax and legal issues. This is a big plus. The site is simple, clean, and easy-to-use. You can search for information about specific countries and employees to help you do your research, whether you are looking to expand or review existing laws.

Globalization partners can help you get up and running in a matter of days. Offers in-app assistance and training articles. You’ll also be able to contact local experts for any questions you may have.

Globalization Partners Wiki

Globalization Partners has a number of awards that it can be credited with. Globalization Partners Wiki,” reported that the company had 200 employees in February 2020 and provided services in over 170 countries in North America, Asia, and Europe.

Globalization Partners also received equity investment of USD 150 million from TDR Capital, a British equity firm.

What do users think about globalization partners?

  • Helpful,
  • Contacting the team is difficult
  • Support imely
  • It is easy to set up.
  • Customer who is knowledgeable
  • We could use more reports
  • Expensive

Trustpilot has collected approximately 100 reviews about Globalization Partners. As a provider, they received few complaints and glowing praise. It was easy to contact the support team at any time. However, there were very few complaints. The overall service was excellent.

A few users have expressed concern that they are too expensive, but they did not mention which providers they were comparing them to. Reviewers were pleased with the explanations of pricing and said that Globalization Partners had tried to adapt their fees to fit the company’s budget.

Globalization Partners reviews typically include midsize businesses with 50-1,000 employees. Two small businesses gave their service 4 and 5 stars. It was impressive that the company responded to each review with a personal note, rather than a generic answer.

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