Florestia (Today update) – What do customers think?

  • Is Florestia.co legitimate or fraudulent? Let’s find out.

    • All items have very affordable prices.
    • The clothes are very high quality.
    • The inventory is very small. There are only 9 products available.
    • The owner may have fled and is not being found.
    • Google Maps validates the company’s address, but there are still questions about whether it is associated with the brand.
    • You can only contact them via email. There is no telephone number.
    • BBB has not yet registered this brand.
    • Site quality is poor.
    • SSL is used to secure the website connection, but it can also be shared SSL.
    • They accept Paypal. According to their website, they don’t accept major credit card.

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    Review of Other Platforms

    1. Trustpilot: These brand reviews are not available on trustPilot.
    2. Sitejabber: No reviews for this brand are available on Sitejabber.
    3. Facebook: This brand’s Facebook page has 2 likes.
    4. Twitter: This Twitter account has no tweets.
    5. Pinterest: This brand’s Pinterest board has no pins.

    Florestia Reviews: What do customers think?

    Each product has received a review on its website. These reviews are all positive, which is not good. These reviews are real? This does not look like a genuine review.

    Final Verdict

    This brand is difficult to trust because there are many questions and doubts. Although the quality of the clothing is excellent, the website is not up to standard. There are also no reviews on other platforms. The brand isn’t registered with the BBB, which raises even more red flags. It is better to shop elsewhere until more information is available about the company.

    Florestia customers who are real, please leave feedback in the comments section.

    Keep in mind that brand worth is only assessed based on the brand’s online presence and social media popularity. To help others, leave feedback if you are a genuine buyer

    This online shop is brand new

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