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Edgar Allan Poe Cause of Death: What happened to Poe? Get all the details here!

Edgar Allan Poe Cause of Death: What happened to Poe

Edgar Allan Poe Cause of Death: What happened to Poe

Edgar Allan Poe Causes of Death. Edgar Allan Poe, a writer, poet, journalist and playwright, died at the age of 40. Many people aren’t sure the cause of death. Edgar Allan Poe died. Edgar Allan Poe Causes of Death.

Edgar Allan Poe Causes of Death

Edgar Allan Poe Causes of Death. At just 21 years old, Edgar Allan Poe was a novelist and poet and playwright and journalist. According to sources, Edgar Allan Poe died from epilepsy, diabetes, and tuberculosis.

What happened? Edgar Allan Poe pass away?

Edgar Allan Poe Cause of Death Edgar Allan Poe was novelist and poet writer, journalist, playwright and journalist who passed away at the age of 21. Edgar Allan Poe died from complications caused by heart disease, diabetes and epilepsy.

Edgar Allan Poe Biography

Full Name Edgar Allan Poe
Born January 19, 1809
Died 1849
Age 40 years old
Networth $18,000,000

Edgar Allan Poe Networth

Edgar Allan Poe Poet, an author also a journalist, was born on January 19th 1809. He was 21 in the year of his death. According to the reports Edgar Allan Poe’s Networth was $18 million. He died in 1849.

Edgar Allan Wife

The first cousin of Edgar Allan is Virginia Clemm. Her name was the same as Edgar Allan’s. Poe is most famous for his dark tales and his enigmatic mysteries. They were cousins first. Virginia was just 13 years old, while Poe was 27 years old. Poe’s love and devotion for Virginia Clemm was just as robust as his self-destructing determination to be an experienced writer in the 19th century America.

Virginia Eliza Clemm, a Baltimore native, was born in 1822. Maria’s first cousin Harriet died in 1822. Her father, William Clemm, Jr. was a hardware dealer. William Clemm, Jr. was married to Virginia Eliza Poe, Maria’s mother. Clemm was the father of five kids from previous marriages and three more from his marriage to Maria.

Edgar Allan Kids

Many believe that Edgar Allan Poe is a descendant of his children. Although many of the Poe’s descendants, particularly Neilson Poe, are related to him, some aren’t.

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