Dubahub Video (Dec2022) viral clip?

Did you hear about the viral Dubahub video? Want to know more about the Dubahub viral video? A viral video has recently been shared on social media. Many people in the United States search for videos on the internet. This article will provide all of the important information regarding the Dubahub. Please read the entire article.

What’s in the video?

On social media, the video of a man riding a skateboard behind an moving bus while speaking on his phone became a trending topic. As seen on Instagram, the man was riding his skateboard behind a moving bus and talking to his phone. The video was called Dubahub. The video was uploaded just recently and has been viewed millions of times online. The man was so careless while riding his skateboard, but he was still safe and sound. The man was negligently talking on his phone, putting his life at risk. This caught the attention of many. This Redditvideo was amusing to some, but it angered others as it encouraged people to be reckless and careless.

What was public reaction to the viral clip?

Authorities also saw the viral video, and decided that this activity should not be promoted. These stunts can also be dangerous, so it was recommended that everyone avoid them. The video was removed from the internet. However, the footage was leaked on Twitter. These actions shouldn’t be considered humor, as they are dangerous. The viral video was shot in Medellin, Colombia. It is not known who the skateboard rider was. The video has been removed from social media due to the possibility of it inspiring others to take similar actions. However, many people have seen the video and are spreading it.

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