Dotmalls Sandals Reviews (Today Update) – What are the ratings on other platforms?

  • Ultra-comfortable design.
  • Common causes of knee and heel pain are treated.
  • Construction and materials of high quality.
  • Secure website with SSL certificate
  • The price is not shown on the website.
  • There is no shipping or return policy on this website.
  • There is no contact information.
  • Low site traffic could indicate low brand popularity.
  • There are no customer ratings or reviews online.

Let’s look at the dotmalls reviews to see if the brand is legitimate. We’ll also examine their website, social media presence and customer reviews.

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What is the Quality of the Product?

Dotmalls does not have product listings at the moment, making it difficult to evaluate their quality products. The information on the homepage suggests that Dotmalls sandals have high-quality construction and materials. They are intended to alleviate common causes of knee and heel pain.

Are the prices reasonable?

The dotmalls sandals price is not available on the website and the shopping cart does not work. It is therefore difficult to determine if the prices are reasonable.

What is a good shipping policy?

No shipping policy is listed on Dotmalls’ website. It is difficult to determine if the company has a good shipping policy.

Is there a hassle-free return policy?

No Return or Refund Policy is available on the Dotmalls site. It is difficult to determine if the company has a hassle-free refund policy.

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Are You a Fan of the Brand?

At this point, the Dotmalls brand is not very well-known. Low site traffic and no presence on social media may indicate that the brand does not have a strong following.

What are the payment options?

Dotmalls website doesn’t currently have a functioning shopping cart. This makes it difficult to determine what payment options are available. This warning is for buyers as it may indicate that the site isn’t secure or may be a fraud.

What is website quality?

The website’s quality is poor. It lacks a professional design, and the link to buy does not work. Apart from a small section of information about sandals and their features on the homepage, the website does not list any items. It is difficult to determine the price and whether they are worth purchasing.

Is your website secure?

Dotmalls’ website is secured because it has an SSL Certificate . The buy button link doesn’t work on Dotmalls, which could indicate that it isn’t safe to use.

Is the brand registered?

Dotmalls is not registered with Better Business Bureau (BBB). This could indicate that it’s a brand new.

Who is the founder?

Dotmalls’ founder is not listed on their website. This brand may be a fraud.

Who is the Domain Registrar?

This store’s domain registrar is . The domain was registered January 16, 2021.

Is the Address True?

The website lists the address as Unit 04 7/f Bright Way Towner, No33 Mong Kok Road Kowloon (HK). Although the address appears real, the brand is located in Hong Kong. We are unable to confirm the authenticity of the address as the brand is still new.

The only way to contact Dotmalls is via email at This red flag is because Dotmalls does not offer any contact information. It makes it difficult for customers and buyers to get in touch with them if they have any questions or concerns. Dotmalls is a potential fraudster and lack of transparency. We advise shoppers to avoid doing business with them. We recommend that you look at other established brands such as Nike 

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and Adidas if you’re looking for an online retailer of sandals.

What is the customer service like?

According to the website dotmalls, their customer service seems poor. There is no live chat or phone number on the website. They can only be reached via email and have not yet responded to customer questions or reviews. It is difficult to judge how customer-friendly they are.

What are the ratings on other platforms?

Dotmalls sandals don’t have ratings or reviews on any other platforms, such as TrustPilot and SiteJabber. This suggests that the brand may be a fraud and not well-known. Dotmalls sandals should be avoided and you should choose a more trusted brand.

What are the Customer Reviews?

Dotmalls sandals has no reviews. The brand is still new and is not well-known. Dotmalls sandals should be avoided and a better brand chosen.

There are currently no sales or promotions on the Dotmalls website. This is not surprising as the brand is still new and isn’t well-known. Dotmalls sandals should be avoided and replaced with a more trusted brand.

We don’t recommend sandals purchased from based on our research. The website is still new and the quality is poor. There are also no customer reviews. The buy button link does not work on the site, which suggests that the website is not secure. We recommend that you check out other established brands if you’re looking for an online retailer of sandals.

Keep in mind that brand worth is only assessed based on the brand’s online presence and social media popularity. To help others, leave feedback if you are a genuine buyer.

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