Disturbia Cast (Today Update) – Read Full Details?

D.J. directed Disturbia, an American neonoir psychological thriller movie. Caruso, written by Christopher Landon & Carl Ellsworth. Starring Shia LaBeouf and Sarah Roemer, Carrie-Anne Moss.

This article will discuss the ultimate Disturbia cast. For more information about this film, stay tuned to us.

The film follows a teenage boy who is put under house arrest after he assaults his school teacher. He then starts spying on his neighbors and discovers that one of them could be a serial killer.

The movie is partly inspired by Alfred Hitchcock’s Rear Window. It was released on the 13th April 2007. The film received mostly positive reviews and made around $118million against a $20 million production budget.

What is Disturbia Cast?

Disturbia Cast is amazing, so take a look at the Disturbia Cast along with their characters.

  • Shia LaBeoufas Kale Bent, a high school student aged 17, is placed under house arrest. He begins to suspect his neighbor is a serial killer.
  • David Morseas Robert Turner. Kale’s neighbor whom Kale and the other teens suspect are serial killers.
  • Sarah Roemeras Ashley Carlson. Kale’s neighbor, and love interest, who aids in Kale’s quest to find the truth.
  • Carrie Anne Mossas Julie Brecht. Kale’s mother begins to take a more authoritative stance towards her son.
  • Aaron Yoo portrays Ronald Chu (or Ronnie Chu), Kale’s best friend and spy who assists him in his surveillance of the neighbours.
  • Viola Davis plays Detective Parker, Kale’s detective.
  • Jose Pablo Cantillo plays Officer Gutierrez. He is a police officer in charge of Kale’s case and loves to torture him.
  • Matt Craven portrays Kale’s father, Daniel “Danny”, Brecht.
  • Luciano Rauso, Brandon and Daniel Caruso are the Greenwood boys.
  • Kevin Quinn is Mr. Carlson.
  • Elyse Mirto is Mrs. Carlson.
  • Suzanne Rico and Kent Shocknek are news anchors.
  • Rene Rivera is Officer Gutierrez’s cousin, and Kale’s Spanish teacher who he assaults. This led to Kale’s house arrest.
  • Amanda Walsh is Minnie Tyco.
  • Charles Carroll is a Judge.
  • Gillian Shure is Turner’s Clubgirl.
  • Dominic Daniel is a Policeman.
  • Lisa Robin is Big Wheel Mom
  • Cindy Lou Adkins is Mrs. Greenwood.

What is the plot of Disturbia?

Kale Brecht, an outcast teenager, is disturbed by the death of his father in a car accident. He punches his teacher and invokes him while reprimanding his father at school. Kale is then sentenced to three months house arrest with an ankle monitor, proximity sensor and a probation officer for the assault.

Kale initially enjoys his punishment and watches tv, playing video games and until his mother Julie takes his internet access and tv cable off of him. Kale becomes bored and decides to look at his neighborhood with binoculars. He also sees Ashley Carlson, his next-door neighbour, and Robert Turner, who is single and lives alone.

He learns much about his neighbors by watching them. Kale is eventually shocked by Turner when he returns home from work in a 1960s Ford Mustang with an unkempt fender. This matches the description of the car on a new serial killer report.

Trailer –

Below is the trailer for Disturbia. This video will give you an overview of the story. It will be easy to decide whether you want to see this movie.

What are the Disturbia Movie Reviews?

Rotten tomatoes, a review aggregator, has given the movie 69% out of 175 reviews. The average rating is 6.2 out of 10. According to the site, these statements are:

“HT0_ Disturbia , aside from its clichéd resolution, is a tense and subtle thriller with a notable performance by Shia LaBeouf.”

Empire‘s William Thomas gave the book 3 stars out of 5 and wrote that it was –

Disturbia, despite its title “edgy”, is a multix-friendly teen thriller with more smarts and slickness than many of its contemporaries.

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