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Diary of a Wimpy Kid (Today Update) – Rodrick Rules?

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Rodrick stars as Rodrick in Diary of a Wimpy Kid It’s a great film.

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Rodrick Rules: Diary of a Wimpy Child

Diary of a Wimpy Kid, a computer-animated comedy film from 2022, is based on Rodrick Rules’ 2008 book. The film was directed and produced by Luke Cormican using a screenplay written by Jeff Kinney. Continue reading to learn more about the cast.

Rodrick Rules – Quick Facts – Diary of a Wimpy Child

Based upon Diary Of A Wimpy Kid by Rodrick Rulesby Jeff Kinney

Directed By Luke Cormican

Screenplay by Jeff Kinney
Produced by Jeff Kinney
Starring Brady NoonHunter DillonEthan William ChildressChris DiamantopoulosErica Cera

Music byJohn Paesano

Production companies Walt Disney PicturesBardel Entertainment

Distributed By Disney+

Date of release December 2, 2022
Running time 75 minutes
Countries United StatesCanada

Language English

Rodrick Rules- Cast: Diary of a Wimpy Child

Brady Noon plays Greg Heffley.

Hunter Dillon is Rodrick Heffley. Greg is his older brother, who is very short-tempered.

Ethan William Childress portrays Rowley Jefferson, Greg’s best friend and is very childish by his nature.

Chris Diamantopoulos is Greg’s father. Chris is a Canadian actor. He also appeared in The Three Stooges and The HBO series Silicon Valley as Russ Hanneman.

Erica Cerra portrays Susan Heffley, Greg’s mother. Erica Cerra, a Canadian actress, is most well-known for her role as Deputy Jo Lupo in the Syfy series Eureka.

Gracen plays Manny Heffley. Greg is his younger brother.

Veena SOOD is an elevator lady. Veena Sood, a Canadian actress.

Ed Asner is Greg’s grandfather.

Kimberly Brooks is a news anchor. Kimberly Brooks is an American voice actress. She was Stormy in Nickelodeon’s revival of Winx Club and Ashley Williams in Mass Effect.

Nathan Arenas plays Mackie in Rodrick’s band.

Jimmy Tatro portrays Bill Walter, a member of Rodrick’s band. James is an American comedian, actor, writer, and YouTube personality.

Vincent Tong is Rowley’s neighbor, and babysitter. Vincent is a Canadian voice actor. His credits include Henry in Kid vs. Kat and Flash Sentry. Gene Khan / The Mandarin In Iron Man: Armored Adventures. Toro in Sushi Pack. Sandbar in My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

Albert Tsai is Drew, a guitarist in Rodrick’s band.

Hudson Yang is Larry, the replacement drummer in Rodrick’s band. American actor Hudson. He is best known for his role as Eddie Huang on the ABC television series Fresh Off the Boat.

Lex Lang is the talent show announcer. Lex Lang is an American voice actor.

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Rodrick Rules, a 2022 computer-animated comedy movie from Diary of a Wimpy Child is called Rodrick Rules. Luke Cormican directed the film from Jeff Kinney’s screenplay. The film stars Hunter Dillon and Brady Noon. It also stars Ethan William Childress, Chris Diamantopoulos and Erica Cerra. We’d love to hear about your favorite cast member.

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